Red line, Red hooks, Are fish THAT stupid to think the minnow is bleeding?

Okay fellow fisherman,

I have been keeping an eye on the red hook, red line craze ever since the 21st century began and it seemed quite ridiculous at first..... Until I tried it.... it didn't seem ridiculous... IT WAS RIDICULOUS. It didn't make me catch more fish, in fact made me catch less. After 2 hours of fishing with a "bleeding hook" I switched to a NORMAL hook and Whoa! what magic. 15 bass in about 1 hour.

I want to know your opinion on "red" hooks, line;etc. Does this work for you, or is it the same for you?



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They might have an advantage in muddy water, but only as long as your not fishing deep...cause red spectrum is lost like after 6 feet or so. I caught a bass yesterday on a red hooked Rat L Trap but it was in stained water and down deep...but otherwise, never had much luck with them. Besides, after a few hits, the red wears off and you get this gold colored hook...whats the point to that?
save your gold hooks for me, trout love gold in some of the ponds i fish and my best producing lures (blue fox)wont work there till i switch to gold(whats with that?)
Red line works well in stained water, but is not very good in clear lakes. As for red hooks, well sometimes they work and sometimes the do not, I prefer plain old hooks myself.
I love the red hook for wacky fishing its light and falls slower
red metal sinks slower than other colours? that is wacky for sure!
I fell for buying some of those, too. I thought it was a good idea. I don't think I ever caught a fish on one. I was fishing the other day and almost pulled one out. I thought, "Never mind. I don't feel like changing it out again if I don't catch anything." Maybe I'll give them another try to see what happens. Now, blue hooks on the other hand, they work well for me.
Hey john, i thought you were done with this thread! ho-hum, i'm gonna try and catch a bass this yr on my girlfriends pink rubber boot (i'll use a red hook of course). and whilst we're on the subject of colour, how come when i go into a convienence store to get a slushy the rasberry flavour is always blue? i mean c'mon do they think i'm stoopid? i've never seen a blue rasberry, and if i did i wouldn't consume it. whats with that, no really, whats the deal? oh and i'm a big fan of the blue fox spinners too, best i've used, the red ones are very good.......
i know!! this thread keeps sucking me back lol...its all bass fishermen mostly, the least picky fish ive ever a salmon guide and colour is critical..I just get a kick out of all the people so into fishing they would have a page here that comment colour dosent mean a row of beans to a fish lol..I have flys almost identicle but the slight shade of green difference one produces the other dosent lol..keep coming back to see the replys and its another colour dosent matter one...for the record i have caught bass on rubber tires off toy cars with a hook stuck thru it....probably dosent matter what people throw at them, just look at all the contraptions out there to catch them on lol....dont like the hooks that come with the blue foxes no matter the colour, find i dont get good hookups with them...(was the only red hook ive used actuly one that came with a blue fox lol)....oh ya i use red skipping rope with a hook threw the middle for cod..i cant think of any thing in nature that it looks like. shrimp are more orange and im fishing at 100 feet where acording to these comments they shouldnt even see it......good luck with the rubber boot, ide cut it in strips so it flutters lol
Check out Sherri Russell's blog post Can fish see color?
red is the first color to dissapear underwater after about 3 feet down or so. If your fishing deep the fish cant see the hooks/line until they get up close. if your fishing shallow it doesn't make a difference unless you think it helps attract the fish. This was a saltwater thing for years and years
heres another saltwater thing for years and years (3-400 actually lol)cod are fished with a red rubber sleeved hook at depths typically 12-30 my halibut fishing video to see the setup, that vid im fishing 12 fathoms(72 feet)....the red hooks quite often out fish the weighted lure on the bottom of the 3-4 hook setup...commercial mackerel use a simmilar setup but with red and yellow flys on a string of 50...they reel up one on every see red as something,they probably can't pick it off an eye chart for you but trillions of landed fish are seeing a neon orange 6.oz jig on the end of the cod setup too but often they hit just the red sleeved hook.....if they can't see it why does the hook stop catching fish once all the red is ripped off damned if it's the shape its just a tube hauled on over the hook...take a look at it in my video....caught 1200lbs of cod on that setup one day actually
Did you ever stop to think that, "Lures catch more fishermen than fish"?


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