Red line, Red hooks, Are fish THAT stupid to think the minnow is bleeding?

Okay fellow fisherman,

I have been keeping an eye on the red hook, red line craze ever since the 21st century began and it seemed quite ridiculous at first..... Until I tried it.... it didn't seem ridiculous... IT WAS RIDICULOUS. It didn't make me catch more fish, in fact made me catch less. After 2 hours of fishing with a "bleeding hook" I switched to a NORMAL hook and Whoa! what magic. 15 bass in about 1 hour.

I want to know your opinion on "red" hooks, line;etc. Does this work for you, or is it the same for you?



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the fish is closer than 10 feet when it grabs the hook ...color makes a difference for the love of god i gotta get off this discusion lol......ok guys who say colour dosent matter take your whole tackle box dump it out on the floor and have at it with a can of grey spray paint....put your money where your mouth is ..ill be waiting to hear all about your next trip
Even though I've seen no preference in "hooks" color, the man KVD changes at least 1 hook on his baits to red and so do I. The type of hook is more important "Gamagatsu"
Id say that the red craze is an eye catching idea its one of the easiest seen colours (why do you think fire trucks are red?) the fishing companies want people to see the red and say "oooooh red that must work well" personally im not a fan of painted blades and coloured lines ive seen that a light green line or regular clear line works great and that gold and silver blades work the best. sure coulor is needed in a tackel box but not on the line.
I agree, its all a marketing ploy by the bait companies, they don't really work, but if they can sell more bait by adding some red and saying it looks like blood then they will
last comment i swear lmao.....reds not a "ploy" on the line thing yes red line a gimick maybe but reds a key colour for trout for years the only hooks you could even buy here where i live was a red devil lol it still fishes better than most hooks for trout when fishing plain spoons...i only switched to bells and panther martins because of the sound attractant qualitys they out fish the devils...and guess what those with red on them outproduce most times you have to be slightly stunned to think colour dosent matter when fishing but then again bass is a total different thing to fish for in the first place they will eat a rubber boot if you throw it to them...come fish for some brook trout or atlantic salmon somthing its more of a challeng to catch you wont be long before you have a favorite hook in your box none of that rubber worm frog flutter sputter baits for those i tell ya just the fact everyone comenting is talking about baits all the time shows the lack of understanding of fish,take up fly fishing youll soon learn the importance of 'Look and Colour" do i leave this group its making me feal stupider just being here....
fly fishing is a whole different deal, obviously color matters when you're trying to match the types of insects at that particular stream, but the question isn't whether colors matter, it is about whether bleeding baits work, and they don't, so don't try and be a smug fly fisherman, because nobody would rather catch a trout than a largemouth bass, and if they're so easy to catch then why haven't you won the Bass Master Classic yet. So, yes you're right color matters, but bleeding baits don't work.
god i got sucked in again lol.....think about this why dont colour principals apply also to lurs if they are so critical to a scent free seams like common sense to me but what do i know i only do it for a living lol...not trying to be smug but i have spent so many hours fishing its scary to think about and the species i fish am one of the more sucessful guides in my area dosent hurt to keep an open mind...if i did live where there was bass im sure i would be a real sicko for the sport(i did live in ontario and was quite sucessful fishing for bass there however its not my cup of tea)....atlantic Salmon paterns actualy dont mimic insects for the most part god only knows why certian colours make them strike but they do...only point im trying to make is if one species of fish can tell the difference between colours and is inclined to strike them logic dictates other fish may and will have this colour seeing ability...ill give you a freebie day on the water your ever down this way i think bass will be taking a backburner in you mind once youve hooked an atlantic....bass just made me home sick their jumps reminded me of a real fight...a 4 lb salmon good for 15 - 20 jumps over the course of 5 min thats if you even can keep it on that long......hook the multi seawinter ones hope your not busy for the next hour hang on and hope for the best....oh ya when im talkin trout not talkin bout those little 5 inchers thats a brookie im holding ,you sure youd rather catch a largemouth than that trout hmmmmmm...think you need a trip down east...bass are plentiful and fun to catch but your underestimating the salmon family, a char would blow your mind its like hooking a truck you get it in and say what the hell that thing is only 3 lbs could of swore it was 10 lol...try the cold water fish before you knock them ive fished bass great fun and they jump but no comparison to a sea run trout char or salmon especialy Char or Salmon...find the char like neon colours whats with that lol
you have a point, i've never fished anywhere with trout that size and i've never fished for salmon, i understand where you are coming from, i'm not arguing that color don't matter, your lure color matters very much, i'm just saying the red on them doesn't look like blood and doesn't work thats all, colors of lures are very important trust me i know that but bleeding lures are a gimick, thats all
Starting out skeptical about the red hook trend, I quickly realized that the damn things actually work. After missing hits and getting poor hook ups (the fish being only hooked by one hook on the rear treble of cranks), i tried some red hooks, and fish started hitting much harder, and the hook ups were more solid. Now on all my crank baits, i've got red hooks on the front and stock ones on the back. According to the theory (the fish hit the bloody hooks) so by putting them only in the front, the fish hit both hooks. I know how you feel about a gimiky thing like hook color, but after 2 or so years of fishing nearly everyday with them i'm sold.
I've often thought that was a quite a contradiction: They're attraced to a red hook, but they can't see a red line.
The only reason I bought red hooks, opposed to normal is that the #4 blood red with barbs was 1.15 for 8, and the normal #4 with no barbs was 2.50 for 8.. I'm just that cheap.
I only use red hooks for most of my fishing now. I started using them after seeing a clip on TV about them and they have been working for me. I use them in texas rigs and wacky worms and get much more action than I did using a normal hook. I also used them saltwater fishing off piers for Kings on a trolley rig. In saltwater i noticed i got a lot more bites from bluefish and about the same with kings if not more.


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