Red line, Red hooks, Are fish THAT stupid to think the minnow is bleeding?

Okay fellow fisherman,

I have been keeping an eye on the red hook, red line craze ever since the 21st century began and it seemed quite ridiculous at first..... Until I tried it.... it didn't seem ridiculous... IT WAS RIDICULOUS. It didn't make me catch more fish, in fact made me catch less. After 2 hours of fishing with a "bleeding hook" I switched to a NORMAL hook and Whoa! what magic. 15 bass in about 1 hour.

I want to know your opinion on "red" hooks, line;etc. Does this work for you, or is it the same for you?



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while there is truth in that statement, a great lure is a great lure and makes a HUGE difference...any "fisherman" that says "when they are taking they will take anything" will always be a second rate fisherman and out fished by others that know the difference....


 I've tried the hooks ( Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp ) and their a good quality hook. I'm not sure what the red coating is? Anodizing of some sort? It dosent flake off but will wear off, my dislike is the hooks don't seem to be as sharp as the regular hooks.  It's a good marketing strategy catches alot of fisherman but I havent seen where it catches more fish.

Lol, idk but sum colors always seem to work better that others...but as far as line goes cajun line is the best!!!!!!!

Some studies have shown that bass see "red" colors better than any other color.  One that I read was a study of shad that were dyed red and some weren't...when they were tossed into a tank the red ones were completely gone before all of the regular color shad were.  They did this repeatedly for months and found the same thing happen every single time.  This could be the reason for red hooks.  Line on the other hand is red for deeper lakes where red colors disappear easier than other colors from the fish's line of sight.


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