Red line, Red hooks, Are fish THAT stupid to think the minnow is bleeding?

Okay fellow fisherman,

I have been keeping an eye on the red hook, red line craze ever since the 21st century began and it seemed quite ridiculous at first..... Until I tried it.... it didn't seem ridiculous... IT WAS RIDICULOUS. It didn't make me catch more fish, in fact made me catch less. After 2 hours of fishing with a "bleeding hook" I switched to a NORMAL hook and Whoa! what magic. 15 bass in about 1 hour.

I want to know your opinion on "red" hooks, line;etc. Does this work for you, or is it the same for you?



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Now heres wher i throw a wrench in the whole eat if they are hungry theory lol Atlantic Salmon dont eat when in fresh water returning to spawn, they take the fly then spit it out again 2 seconds later and colour is critical so if they see colour and are inclined to strike it why not other fish
that is interesting mike and a good point about the stressed minnows as fish love to attack the weakest and red might be a trigger from past experience.... back now to lines ,here in Newfoundland our water is clear but Tea stained from all the peat bogs.....brown maxima leaders work best as they blend into the water the clear ones you can see it...different lines work better different places to maybe depending on water colour
Every Body of waters different for sure
Best thing to do i find when fishing a new stream is find an old gent and sit for a little chat. ill open my fly case and they can never resist pointing out patterns that work best on that particular river......ill hand em my case and watch the flys they touch in the box,if they dont raise their eyebrows while doing so its one worth trying lol....another good trick is net the fish for someone on their 3 rd fish of the morning you can sneak a peak lol......I did this once while getting skunked on a river went home tyed one up the same nailed into 6 Salmon the very next day its now my favorite fly for that particular River...even different parts of a watershed are different i find that fly not to work 20 miles down river below the lake
hey just remember that larry nixon says that "fishes brain is the size of a pea."
Well they are actually quite intelligent
Young Atlantic salmon spend one to three years in freshwater, then move to saltwater for an ocean migration of up to two thousand miles, returning to natal streams to spawn by the age of five years. Surviving kelts (spawned adults) repeat the migration and spawning cycle. So there is definatly strong memory capabilities weather its the smell of their home river or the look of the bottom.That pea sized brain is capable of amazing feats....juvenile salmon taken and placed in a new river for the first 3 years of their life will even return to the same new river they were placed in, showing it is not pure instinct but somthing about that river they remember.....You need to give your quarry more credit....
i dont know about the line thing but i do like the red hooks.
i normally fish for bass and if i have red hooks for like my soft plastics i will use them,
but last year i picked some up for fishin crappies and a few times i casted off my minnow and i still caught a crappie onjust the red hook.
There's actually a great article in the March issue of Infisherman that adresses this issue (hooks, line, and the color red in general) from a scientific perspective.... It's a good read.
Red dissappears first underwater. Thats the hook, not blood immo
my primary fishing holes for the past 36 years has been the great lakes, with a couple of years where i caught fish out of each great lake; i think fish interpret color different that we do--at 30 feet down red turns to black for us;

i did an experiment once out of grand haven, michigan, where i was using cheapie spoons to fish for lake trout 90 feet down off of downriggers; i ran two lines and one was baited up with a white spoon with black dots and the other was baited up with a white spoon, same size, and had red dots; now at that depth the red dots should be black dots so i should have caught fish on either bait, but i didn't; all the fish--9 of them came on the bait with black dots; i concluded that the fish were differentiating between the two baits and only preferring the baits with black dots

trout and salmon in the great lakes trigger on color as well as size and action of the bait; fish have preferences like humans do and they change based on a myriad of factors; when you can identify the color
they are wanting you are a good distance of the way toward catching them

last september out of the same port we were boating 6 to 9 fish a day without much effort; however, on the second sunday of september we could not hit a fish--we trolled spoons, plugs, fly combinations, etc and no fish until a guy came on the radio and announced that the salmon were hitting baits with strawberry tape; we
put one on and had a fish within five minutes and ended up with four kings that day on baits with that tape color

i've messed around over the years, actually i've messed around a lot in a number of endeavors, and try to learn from each experience; so color/fishing--how much of a color do you need to catch a fish; i have found a very small amount is all you need, and baits with a color somewhere in it will trigger a bite

can there be too much color in a bait that will not cause fish to strike it, no there is not if you consider 19 colors a hefty amount; in fishing lake ontario in the late 1980's with pat distaffen, the developer of northern king lures; a friend of his developed a birthday bait which had all of the colors of the different tapes that they used for bait manufactoring; they were cut into very thin strips and layered down a magnum sized bait in a v fashion; we caught many fish with that bait over the years until we lost it

so, to red hooks--i think fish hit red hooks when they are triggering on red and do not hit them all the time because of their redness; sometimes red turns them off, i think, give fish what they want and you will be happy you did

so, we end with the suggestion in the title of this forum that fish are stupid, hummmmmmmmmmm; this could lead to a long political discussion/argument and since i'm feeling kind tonight i decided to not piss anyone off by being pissy, so if i can do it, so can you, so the next time you feel like being pissy: be kind instead and see how that feels, it might involve you being understanding and empathic; the fishery is our resource so let's protect it and take only what is reasonable; happy fishing days to you and your friends, and family
Last year I had the opposite happen to me. 2 hours of fishing for smallies, and nothing. The night before I rigged up some pickerel spinners at home and decided to try some bleeding hooks. LOL no sooner I attached the rig I landed a 5 lb small which I heard from the locals was pretty rare for that lake. I also changed my presentation though and moved out to deeper water. I still am a firm believer that most "flashy" "trendy" lures and hooks out there are simply made to lure the fisherman and not the fish.

At a 10 foot distance red turns grey. Distance meaning either deep or horizontal distance as light is abosorbed into water in both directions. I guess its all a matter of pref.


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