Red line, Red hooks, Are fish THAT stupid to think the minnow is bleeding?

Okay fellow fisherman,

I have been keeping an eye on the red hook, red line craze ever since the 21st century began and it seemed quite ridiculous at first..... Until I tried it.... it didn't seem ridiculous... IT WAS RIDICULOUS. It didn't make me catch more fish, in fact made me catch less. After 2 hours of fishing with a "bleeding hook" I switched to a NORMAL hook and Whoa! what magic. 15 bass in about 1 hour.

I want to know your opinion on "red" hooks, line;etc. Does this work for you, or is it the same for you?



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I bought a pack of red Gamakatsu hooks a couple of years ago and noticed the next few trips that I was catching more bass. I didnt expect a difference but definately noticed one. That's all I'll buy now. Definately made a difference where I fish! Maybe it doesn't matter as much in some places but it does here!
This i totaly unrelated to colour but you reminded me of the differenct just the hook can make...the single hook that comes with the blue fox bell series lures just dosent hook trout well , I think its because the beard(barb) is so long it dosent penatrate far enough to catch on somthing and stay in we swap it for a mustad hook and once rigged this way you stop having "bites" and start having hookups
I bought the bleeder hooks because I like the color. I have this think with colors. Have to be honest didn't see any difference in the catch numbers.
The only thing I found with red hooks is that in water deeper than 30' the hooks seem to disappear to the fish,thats why deepwater fish are shades of red,they blend with the light to become less visable.
I have tried red hooks and red powerpro line. I prefer to use a black mustad hook and I always tie a shock leader of flurocarbon to my line anyway, The reason for that is im in South Florida and the hydrilla and grabgrass or cabbage can be so thick you need to have a shock leader. For every one pound bass there is 10 pounds of weeds. I will admit one thing. With the bllod hooks, when they are hit often enough the red finish come off and they are a bright gold. I purchased some cheap eagle claw gold offset hooks and my hookup ratio went way up. Color depends on the depth, wheather, moonphase etc. There has been no scientific proof that red hooks or line are better. Atleast ive never heard any. Yet Redshad is one of my favorate colors. Its a go to color like black and june bug when other colors wont due. Great blog by the way. Very interesting!!!!!
Red is the new black!
Interesting. I always use red hooks, but have never compared them. I just like the colour!
i reallly agree with you. i dont think the fish think oh its bleeding. i think they can taste or smell it but i dont think they can see it. well thats my opion and maybe im wrong.
many fish have very good vision...for example in fly fishing something as simple as the tip of your fly being a different colour makes the difference between strikes or no strikes..its probably not about bleeding just that red works good anyway much like the mainstay of the north , the red devil lure or the 5 of dimonds for that matter...heres a thought ..if colour dosent matter throw away your tackle box and take just one colour hook with you...cheers
wow John you really put to me rest there. i guess i wasnt thinking when i replied. that gave me a good laugh. come to think of it that night i replied i came home from a long day at work, so i have an excuse!
I have a couple thousand not realy puttting much thought into it comments like that floating around the net (some of the ones after a fue drinks are real doozies lol)
Hey all
WEll id like too say for one i have used the red hooks and all and diffrent way ,
# 1 fish for all u know dont just hit a bleeding bait cause they see it lol , they smell it fisrt befor they see it
# 2 when i used it , there was ups and downs like any other lure or bait , but its sure not active as what they say its for or supose too do ,
In my oppion its not worht buying lol
and as for a devil and the color red in any hooks , the fisrt colored hook made of wood , was red ? wasnt it i could be wrong ,
and Me as for a choice of lures or baits , ill use power baits any day for multi reasons , and then ill use the chug pug or sand worm for shallow


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