I love to ask this question as it affords me the opportunity to determine what type of success my fellow fishermen have and what type of fishing they like.. If you were given the choice of one lure and you must use only that lure for a year...what ould it be?

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black and blue chatter bait
Tell me more about your experience with the chatter bait. I have personally not had alot of success using them. I love them though and the look great! Just not alot of results comming from me. Maybe I am presenting them wrong.
Actually I've been using this lure for a year, and not much of anything else. It's the "Spro , Little John shallow water crankbait" Absolutley addicted to it.
I think a jig is the way to go if I had to use one lure....extremely versatile and you can always get bit.
i would have to choose black and blue. i use it with topwaters, jigs, worms, craws and even lizards! my choice of lure would be a strike king 3/8 oz black n blue swim jig tipped with a rage tail craw chunk
Strike Tech ((LAS)) Live Action Spool fishing reel and a sexy shad crank bait.

That's a tough one because I really would like to say I skirted jig and craw frailer  but for catch ratio I'd go with a Keitech Swing Impact And I can rig this and fish it different way , weightless t-rigged shallow , like a jig rigged on an Owner Ultra finesse Ball head fished through cover , laydowns , grass open water as well deep . 


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