"If You Wouldn't Do It To Your Dog Why Do it To A Fish" reads the attack ad on anglers accompanied by this image

"Anglers will have more than fishing on their minds when they see PETA's new billboard on the road to their favorite fishing hole." straight from PETA's website FISHINGHURTS.com

This organization is so far beyond ridiculous it's not even funny. You should see the comic book literature they propagate to turn children against anglers and hunters alike. Even if a few of their other aspirations might seem OK on the outside, make no mistake this shows their extremist views and exposes their ultimate goals.

How do we fight this nonsense?

One simple way is to take The Anglers Legacy Pledge" and introduce somebody new to fishing.

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Words cannot express the stupidity of this.
The only thing this ad does is point out how ridiculously extreme PETA will get to try to gain sympethetic support for their idiotic views. This ad does them more harm than good and really would only appeal to the seriously challenged among us.
Remember, they lie to push their issues; we as anglers should never lie. There are certainly aspects to fishing that are harmful to the fisheries and as anglers it is our responsibility to make all efforts to minimize our impact and improve the fisheries where we can. Besides, as we all know fishing for cats is way more fun, LOL.
Rediculous. I fish year round and hunt every season and there is a reason why our tax dollars/donations go to fishery researchers and population researchers that help control these sports that have been around since time itself. We have scientists to do the jobs that these ignorant PETA reps. think they are doing; the hell with them.
OK Matt, took the Anglers Legacy Pledge. OMG that is a SICK Billboard!!!!! Glad it isn't posted up in my area.....
Cool thanks fort taking the pledge Karen. Your right the billboard advertisement is very sick. Huw is right, they are doing themselves more harm then good with their misguided propaganda.
I'm in, took the pledge, and i would like to say; I listen when old timers talk to me about fishing, there is much to be learned, such as the fact that catching fish has helped many people from starving to death!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for taking the The Anglers Legacy Pledge!
Fighting them is what they want. It brings you down to their level...
The best way to stick it up their balloon knot is keep fishing. Buying a fishing license puts money back into the system. That money in turn goes to hatcheries and wildlife studies. Because of this the deer population in Massachusetts is greater now then when the Pilgrims landed…how they know this beats the hell out of me...
We now have an over population of turkeys because of the program that was started many years back... Also we have more ponds that the state stocks with trout two to three times a year. More fish and wildlife means more hunters and fishermen and more money coming in.
And plus if we are not suppose to eat animals then why are the made of meat??
Well maybe 'fighting' is the wrong word to use. Maybe 'keeping the upper hand' is better suited. Keeping the upper hand by as you said 'keep fishing', and lets keep our future generations fishing.

"And plus if we are not suppose to eat animals then why are the made of meat??"

I know you'd think they would be made of tofu... LOL
nothing wrong with dog fishing.
Spot on man, spot on! This organization has passed over into the realm of absolute propaganda.
I once caught a perfectly nice 80lb yellow lab. named lady. i let it go.....saving her for next year when she will be bigger!!!!!


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