"If You Wouldn't Do It To Your Dog Why Do it To A Fish" reads the attack ad on anglers accompanied by this image

"Anglers will have more than fishing on their minds when they see PETA's new billboard on the road to their favorite fishing hole." straight from PETA's website FISHINGHURTS.com

This organization is so far beyond ridiculous it's not even funny. You should see the comic book literature they propagate to turn children against anglers and hunters alike. Even if a few of their other aspirations might seem OK on the outside, make no mistake this shows their extremist views and exposes their ultimate goals.

How do we fight this nonsense?

One simple way is to take The Anglers Legacy Pledge" and introduce somebody new to fishing.

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i wonder if they made the dog's eye bug out on purpose!?!?!?! anyone got some spray-paint?
A better question is how did they get the dog to pose for that picture hahaha. Besides, retriever meat's too tough. If you want tender, tasty dog, you should try cocker spaniel. They probably got the dog's eyes to bug out using mace.
oh, so your sayin bird dogs taste more like birds? haha
Depends on the breed. Kinda like chicken haha.

Good going, people; let's keep this discussion at the top of the list.
I agree this organization is outrageous. Some of the guys were discussing the term sea kitten in our store the other day. I looked it up on the internet..and wow I couldn't beleive what I read.
Mike's Sporting Goods
Catwich Pictures, Images and Photos
What, no "cat"sup?
Ok, when PETA was originally thought of, the idea was a great one....getting animals to be treated ethically. There is nothing unethical about feeding our families through fishing and hunting, as our ancestors did since the beginning of time. There are, however, serious problems in our surrounding the treatment of animals that need to be addressed, like what I saw on a movie I saw last night, entitled "Death on a Factory Farm." It showed an undercover investigation of a pig farm where sows were hanged to death, piglets were beaten with hammers with glee, and other atrocities, and this all basically went unpunished by a court of law. THIS is what PETA should concentrate on! There's no good to come from this kind of propaganda, be it on a billboard or wherever. If my kids saw that, they'd be horrified! That wouldn't keep them from fishing, but they'd be traumatized for that poor dog! What is the matter with those people?! I wonder what the depths of their depravity are at times, but on the other hand, having watched this awful documentary, I know that there exist many worse horrors out there that PETA is working against, so I do encourage them to keep up that fight. Yes, THAT fight. Stay in THAT right, don't go looking for trouble where there isn't any...like over here, in our quiet little fishing hole. ;)
That is just stupid fishing is a way of life. If I didn't fish as a kid I probably would have got into alot more trouble. What i'm sayin is fishin kept me off the streets getting into trouble.
Well I am in the dogshow circuit and they attack us all the time......
It kinda makes me laugh though....thier premise is that animals should all live free, but thier biggest spokespeople own pets.....hypacritical in my books....
Maybe they should discuss the lawsuit against them regarding employees picking up peoples unwanted pets and euthanizing them in a van and dumping them behind a grocery store! I am not kidding.....
I would truly love to see a PETA member live a truly animal free life....no pets, no food, no biproducts....it is almost impossible.
I am a big advocate against cruelty to animals. I also am not a fan of trophy hunting. But I do fish and love my deer meat as well! However, there is quite a difference between what PETA is stating in this add and those of us that fish and hunt for food. In today's economy who the hell can afford the prices of food or to go to an expensive restaurant to eat a healthy quantity of seafood that even our family doctors say we need? This add is beyond stupid! If they want to talk about cruelty, what about the cruelty being done to our children by them seeing this picture of a little dog hooked? People get upset over what they call obscenity over a Victoria Secret add showing an attractive and "well built" young woman in a bra on a billboard and demand it be taken down, maybe they should do the same to this add? It is sick, and I would rather have my kid see a beautiful half dressed woman than something like PETA'S latest crap! Bottom line, my father took me fishing before I could walk, I did the same with my kids, not to mention in the bible it seems Jesus Christ love to fish as well! Oh...I forgot...its not right to mention Jesus either these days! Maybe that's the biggest problem we face today? Just a thought! PETA...GET A DAMN LIFE!
In my opinion...the disease of ignorance and stupidity is the hardest to fight. If it were up to these people, humans would have never survived. They seem to completely ignore any evidence or logical reasoning behind the good in these activities and only focus on their own reasons why its bad. Close-minded people annoy the hell out of me. They come at you with all their arguments and most of them are completely irrational.

I don't know how to fight this but if you ever find out...sign me up!!!


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