"If You Wouldn't Do It To Your Dog Why Do it To A Fish" reads the attack ad on anglers accompanied by this image

"Anglers will have more than fishing on their minds when they see PETA's new billboard on the road to their favorite fishing hole." straight from PETA's website FISHINGHURTS.com

This organization is so far beyond ridiculous it's not even funny. You should see the comic book literature they propagate to turn children against anglers and hunters alike. Even if a few of their other aspirations might seem OK on the outside, make no mistake this shows their extremist views and exposes their ultimate goals.

How do we fight this nonsense?

One simple way is to take The Anglers Legacy Pledge" and introduce somebody new to fishing.

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Ketchup or mustard?
a href="http://photobucket.com/images/peta" target="_blank">Peta Pictures, Images and Photos
Peta Pictures, Images and Photos
They haven't metioned worm rights at all? are worms not alive to? don't us cruel bastards put hooks in them too? right only fair trade, biodegradable, organic, locally sourced, renewably sourced, vegan, ethical plastics for me from now on. And i guess i'd better hold fire on the new energy drink i was thinking of selling, made with real panda spunk and whale tears!
PETA what a dreaded name I think this company is just trying to find ways to get rid of America's pastime which is fishing and hunting both. Peta needs a good ole American beat down myself. Who wouldn't want to see a child's face after catching a fish?? I love it! To take fishing or hunting away from America should be against the law! I wish I could explain the frustration that this is embedded in me. I agree whole heatedly TAKE A KID FISHING, and heck take the dog to!! My little Scottie Terrier loves to go out fishing with me =D!

Tight Lines
God Bless, Adam o'))>/body>
1111 Pictures, Images and Photos
I also went to this site, i think everyone need to go to it, its the best laugh i got all day. they want to change the name of fish to "sea kitten", because sea kitten sticks won't sound as good as fish sticks, now that is funny there!!!
Hmmmm, seems that I'm an evil, cruel, heartless murderer. I hope my tropical fish don't find out what I'm up to on the side. Is it so bad that I like a few meals of fish in the summer?

I studied biology in university and I happen to know that plants respond to external stimuli as well. Think about all of those poor innocent salads and granola bars. Shocking! How do those PETA dickheads ever manage to sleep at night? I think they are just a bunch of vegetables themselves, so perhaps they feed on fertilizer (mineral, of course, not organic, heaven forbid).

Some people just aren't happy unless they have a knot in their arse and something to whine about. Waaahhh, waaahhhh. As for visiting that site, I won't gratify them with my hit on their counter.
Don't forget soybeans.
I just left peta's web site, WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I wonder what those Twits eat? I gues a lot of salads,but no cheese, it might hurt the cow when you milk it to make the cheese. Next they will protest the plowing of fields to plant crops because of all the worms that might get cut up .Some people have nothing better to do, Just like the tree huggers in B.C. protesting while they wait for their WELFARE CHECKS!!
How do these idiots govern what their kids eat at school? Brown bagging soy bean EVERY DAY!!
Another fact they need to know: The vegetables and fruits that they purchase and consume come from farmers that eat meat three times a day! The gas in their cars was refined by meat eating people! The list goes on & on.....................nuts eating nuts! Would PETA members take a blood transfusion if it was needed to save their life?
OK so here we go again only this time PETA is going after our children's rights as a way to stop hunting...

PETA Calls on Arizona Governor to Ban Hunting for Those Under 18


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