"If You Wouldn't Do It To Your Dog Why Do it To A Fish" reads the attack ad on anglers accompanied by this image

"Anglers will have more than fishing on their minds when they see PETA's new billboard on the road to their favorite fishing hole." straight from PETA's website FISHINGHURTS.com

This organization is so far beyond ridiculous it's not even funny. You should see the comic book literature they propagate to turn children against anglers and hunters alike. Even if a few of their other aspirations might seem OK on the outside, make no mistake this shows their extremist views and exposes their ultimate goals.

How do we fight this nonsense?

One simple way is to take The Anglers Legacy Pledge" and introduce somebody new to fishing.

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That is disgusting! Apparently these animal rights people dont know a dang thing about animals! they should seriously do some research on how fish are made up as far as nerves and healing capability, just basic biology! Dogs and fish respond in very different ways to injury! In fact, Conservation officers/DNR people for example, tell us that if we catch a fish we dont intend to keep and we cannot remove the hook from the fish without significant harm, they tell us to just cut the line and leave the lure where its at, why? Because within a few days either the hook will have worked itself out or the fish will have already secreated highly corrosive stomach acid on to it and the lure will be well on its way to disintegration and in turn not be a problem for the fish in very short order, Now how many other creatures, even plants do you know that has that kind of self preservation!
nirvana said it best "its ok to eat fish cause they don't have any feeling"
WOW!! i went to that stupid web-site just to see what it said...it's absolutly ridiculous! FISH CAN'T EVEN FEEL PAIN....their such idiots! They don't even know what their talking about!
Do they not understand people live off of fishing ..
They just don't care. Someone came up with a bleeding heart cause and found a bunch of brainless sheep to follow them. How many of those idiots would have come up with something like that on their own?

Can't wait for fishing season so I can go murder some more poor innocent trout.
Go get em AL! LOL

WOW, thats crazy. I have never seen that before! Mixed bag of emotions when I see that picture. 


Thanks for posting this ....grrrrrr! Its going to piss off a lot of anglers. I think we will post this to our Facebook pages and see what the reaction is, and we will post the link to the Pledge. 



They don't want us eating meat of any kind. But I talk to my plants and they respond. does this make me a veggie killer.


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