I want to start an aquarium, and I'd like to have some kind of native fish. My interest peaked when I saw people feeding their pet Bass on youtube, and I was wondering what kind of native fish work well for pets? Bass would be cool, but they grow fast, and I do not want a huge tank at the moment, somewhere between 20-50 gallons if possible? Which fish grow only as their environmental size allows? If any?

A friend and I raised a bluegill in a 20 gallon for the summer that we caught, and we ultimately released him back to where he came from, he was fun. We fed him other fish, beef, scraps of misc meat, tried to make him a bloodthirsty killer, but sort of failed. Anyways, I think he would have stayed at a decent size, what other fish should I look into? Anyone here experiment with keeping certain fish?

I live in Wisconsin, so I think I'd have a fairly decent selection to choose from, species wise.

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You should check the laws first... Wisconsin has a ban on moving live fish from lakes and rivers...
Mike is right, you should check the laws on this. If it does not allow this you could purchase fish from a from a local pond stocker.
Alright, fair enough.
There are plenty of stores online and such that sell natives legally too.
But does anyone have any species recommendations?

From what I've read sofar, Grass Pickerel seem to max out at a little over a foot or so.
50 gallons might still be a little small for them, but bigger tanks are looking more and more appealing.
In WI it's illegal. Iv'e checked on it!!!!
wdnr weekly news july 1, 2008???
Actually, a 50 gallon tank would make for a much more stable environment, requiring less care than a 20 gallon, so you would be able to stay away for longer periods of time. As well, fish, being ectothermic (cold-blooded), can go for long periods without being fed if the temperature isn't too high, bearing in mind, of course, the fishes' optimal temperature ranges.

I work in the aquaculture industry, and when we ship salmon smolts out to sea, the fish are not fed for the 3 weeks prior, and the broodstock that are to be spawned in November are taken off feed in August.

A friend of mine placed a few sunfish in his 50 gallon tank with his goldfish and once they became accustomed to the new food (he started by throwing flies into the tank) they got along nicely. I gave him a few Atlantic salmon (hatchery fish, NOT wild ones) to try, but although they grew a little before dying, they didn't really fare very well; they slinked out and quickly became lethargic.
Just to correct a typo, I meant exothermic, not ectothermic.
I must be mis-informed then cause I was told by the people at the pet store that it's a Wisconsin law?????? Is there any information out there to tell you what to feed them? I thought it would be a neat idea so I asked the local pet store people and they said it is illegal but if you were to have them shrimp brine is what you'd want to feed them. Any ideas??? We have a 50 Gal tank with a bala shark, 3 tiger barbs, and one minnow (flathead) that survived the ice fishing season. The minnow gets along great with the shark and eats tropical flakes!
I pulled this from WDNR news letter. From what I have read it is illegal to take live native fish...Shiners are bait fish not native fish that can be purchased in a shop. What Tyler is telling you is wrong... It is not in WI books yet but fish and game laws are still laws...

“Invasive species and VHS are a serious threat to our fish and wildlife, and we’re taking it seriously from a law enforcement perspective,” says Chief Warden Randy Stark. “The role of these “water guards” is to lend an enforcement presence to this overall effort – we’ll be a backup to the inspectors, reinforcing the need to follow invasive boat and angling rules.

Rules to prevent these invaders’ spread call on boaters and anglers to remove all plants and animals from their boat and trailers and drain all water from boats and fishing equipment. These steps have been expanded in the last year to contain VHS by limiting the movement of live fish away from a lake or river.

Those prevention steps call for anglers and boaters to:

INSPECT your boat, boat trailer, vehicle, and gear.
REMOVE all plants, animals, and debris.
DRAIN water from boating equipment, live wells and gear.
NEVER move live fish - use leftover minnows ONLY under certain conditions
REPORT Violations to 1-800-TIP-WDNR
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Randy Stark (608) 266-1115; Tom Wrasse (715) 358-9203
What we are discussing here is apple and oranges. Bottom line it is illegal to take live fish from any body of water. The only way to posses live native fish is with a fish farming permit...so don’t misinform people by saying it is ok to do so. If you want to keep native fish then go ahead I don’t give a shit just don’t misinform people about it…
As the saying goes, nothing is illegal until you get caught lol.
Black-nosed dace do really well in a tank, but you need a bunch, as they are schoolers.


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