First photos of my custom built crankin stick ( not done )

Only got 1 pic back so far. Cant wait to fish this badboy.

7 ft Medium, fast tip, split grip, Fuji Titanium guides, and a balance kit!

Post some of your customs.

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Looks nice. What brand blank did you go with? I have a few pictures posted of my most recent custom. It's a G. Loomis SJ842 spinning rod that I made into a baitcaster. Also went with the split grip and a screw on balance kit. That rod performed off the charts last year. In my Photos you can see it in action.
Hi Bryan, Used to buy components and build rods myself. Mostly Loomis blanks when IM6 was first introduced. I was doing alot of steelhead fishing at the time. I dont want to offend Loomis as he seems like a good guy and knows his chit but I found they all busted at the tip and have heard the same from other guys as well. They perform great....but. I've got a med heavy extra fast 7.2 crucial that I'm in love with. The cork is same design as yours and it is built with a poorly designed hookkeep I had to remove because it kept getting caught on things. What I like so much is it's garranteed for life no questions asked.
Looks good Bryan
Hey guys. I wouldnt know what blank it is.... my father builds rods, has been for 20 yrs now. He went to the rod convention in NC a few weeks ago, and started putting it together for me.

I will get details from him, and get back to you ;)

Glad you like it tho... i cant wait to throw cranks on ti this summer.
Huw, no offense taken. Everyone has their preference, it's a Ford/Chevy thing. But if your tip broke on a Loomis blank, send it in. All Loomis blanks are guaranteed for life. Their customer service is unbelievable. It's one of the reasons that I'm such a big fan. Being from Wisconsin, I used to fish St. Croix, but had a very bad expereince with not only the quality of product, but their overall customer service as well.
Excuse the ignorance... but I never knew you could get custom poles? I just use Ugly Stik's... they have a lifetime warranty and last forever... I pulled in a 18 catfish on my 5 ft crappie pole and it's still fine... can you get better than that? This is like a whole new world here! lol
Kansas, yes you can get just about anything that you want on a custom rod. Have to be careful though. Once you get yourself a nice qaulity rod, it's hard to go back to the basics.
well I'm definately gunna be looking into this! There's never anyone here that does that at any of our boat show...?
Some more pictures. Colors are super bright, which is what i wanted anyways.
about how much do these things cost?
Depends on what your looking for. You can get all the basic components to build low end rod for $40-$50. You can also find a single Guide or Tip-Top for $40-$50. High quality blanks run $150 - $300 bucks. My last Rod was a G. Loomis GLX that would run about $350 if you bought it retail. I upgraded all the components (Guides, Reel Seat, Handles, Balance kit etc.) so the end cost was somewhere between $350-$375.
Awesome! How would one go about getting the materials to do something like this? I would love to set up my own spinning rod... Maybe I could finally make one durable and sensitive enough to do EVERYTHING I want it to!


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