I'm not saying all fly fisherman are snobs they certainly are not, but many times it seems like they think they are better than you. I fish rivers on a regular basis for trout both fly fishing and normal fishing and I definitely am treated different when I have a fly rod in my hands. On one hand when I carry a spinning rod I get stares and pretty much ignored. On the other hand when I'm carrying a fly rod I get asked what pattern I'm using and a smile. It almost seems like they think you're some how infringing on their territory. Like fishing for trout on rivers is reserved for fly fishermen. Am I the only one who gets this vibe? Once again I must stress the fact that NOT all fly fishermen are snobs. Don't try and tell me fly fishing is harder, because it's not. I'm an experienced fly fisherman too, and can catch trout as readily on a fly rod as a spinning rod.

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Right on, cool. You never know what the answer will be when you ask that question to a Newfie. When I went thru basic training in the 80s I knew a guy named Albert Osmond. If I knew then what I know now I would have asked him about some of the common given names in his family. I guess we (the Fortune Bay Osmond lineage) are related to the Port-Aux-Basques Osmonds from a couple hundred years ago.
Share the fishing areas, I would slide over and ask your gameplan if you were using a bamboo stick and a sewing bobbin. Some people have too much anger and anxiety in their life. You may feel they are snobs but they no better than you, just more ignorant. Fish on!
As a matter of fact the bamboo is stil a big favorite on the east coast of NL for trout fishing and you would be sharing that stream with spinning and fly gear as well :^)
I prefer to use a single hook versus a ton of treble hooks that damage to fish, When I used to spin cast fish, i hated using lures, even though I caught or snagged more fish. It was like taking candy from a baby using lures with a bunch of treble hooks. I have met the some of the nicest people ever since I took up fly fishing. Every place I go to fish the fly shops and the people are genuine and helpful. they only ones I see with a chip on the shoulder are the spin fishers. As long as I have fished, have spin fishers never let me know what is working or where the holes are on the river (unless it was another woman). Has anyone ever seen or used the spey casting method with a fly rod. there is no need to worry about trees with spey casting. and you can use the spey casting method with any fly rod. check it out.
First thing i do with my lure when spinning is remove the treble hook..you hook LESS trout with the treble if you can belive that and when you do hook them on treble it tears them up to bad..hate a treble with a pasion its the worse...snags bottom more, catches less ,kills the small fish...three strikes your out lol
No not all are snobs. I am a flyfisher and don't feel any better or worse than any other person fishing. There are jerks everywhere, fly fishers, spin fishers, US Senators, etc. You get the point.

Tight lines.........
Yes some of them are. I have a friend who definatly is a snob, so whenever we go out I make a point of putting a worm on a hook on the fly rod just to see him flip out.
Not really a big problem in my area, as there aren't really many fly fisherman around. I myself am a beginner fly fisherman, and have been known to get a little grumpy with people encroaching on my space. This mostly comes from, as a beginner, having a fear of hooking someone with my fly though. My appologies to anyone who takes this as snobbery.

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I have been fly fishing since I was 5 years old( my Grandfather showed me how) I belive once you know how to do it is like riding a bike. If there is brush behind you you can roll cast. I have noticed in Western Maryland where I am from a lot of people a just getting back into it.I also think some of the fly fisherman are snooty old rich guys. And have spent $500 and up for rods and reels. I learned off of a old fiberglass rod and just bought a orvis reel and st croix rod. but i also like to fish with bait cast reels and spinning outfits also. I have also found out when fly fishing I am very elusive and quiet and a lot of the younger generation around here make a shit load of noise when they are fishing banks with their spining rods and it pisses me off to. But I have to look at it and say they have a right to do what they want they payed for their right to fish too even if they act like a bunch of holligans. I have found out one thing not saying all fly fisherman are like this. The creeks are not very wide around here. so when shore fishing a lot of fly fisherman go right down the middle the creek, even right in front of youre line. thats when it pisses me off. so I guess you just have run into some (butthole) that just set you over the edge. Just Sat. a old man and his wife were fly fishing and we prob. talked about fly fishing and fishing in general sharing info for about a good 45 min. and he was a cool cat. so i guess not every one is a bad person.
lol, its kinda the exact opposite here in Texas. Everybody spin fishes, and when they see my fly fish they think im crazy, or think i have no idea what im doing. The only time i wont look crazy when im fly fishing is when im fly fishing in saltwater.
Why be as.hol.es to eather fisher man? its like one dont like the other race no? so if u see me fly fishing dont be a ass as the next time I may be casting with a spinner

Try living in Colorado,, I live in Basalt CO, near the frying pan river,, in the few years i have been here i have only seen one other person spin fishing,, I get stares every time im on the river, yes on the river just like them in waders fishing the same holes with a different rod and reel. Not only do they stare but they talk shit. Now at the same time im not big on bait fishing, worms, powerbait, salmon eggs, etc, but i don't act all shitty to people that are fishing that way, thats just not my style. Oh and the fly shops here!! These people wont say a word to you unless your a fly guy. Love to hear that im not the only one that's looked down upon by these "elitist" anglers.  


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