I'm not saying all fly fisherman are snobs they certainly are not, but many times it seems like they think they are better than you. I fish rivers on a regular basis for trout both fly fishing and normal fishing and I definitely am treated different when I have a fly rod in my hands. On one hand when I carry a spinning rod I get stares and pretty much ignored. On the other hand when I'm carrying a fly rod I get asked what pattern I'm using and a smile. It almost seems like they think you're some how infringing on their territory. Like fishing for trout on rivers is reserved for fly fishermen. Am I the only one who gets this vibe? Once again I must stress the fact that NOT all fly fishermen are snobs. Don't try and tell me fly fishing is harder, because it's not. I'm an experienced fly fisherman too, and can catch trout as readily on a fly rod as a spinning rod.

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I would have to agree with you on this one. I've definitely gone to my favorite fishing hole on the river, where i've been fishing for trout with my dad since i was old enough to walk, and seen guys there with all there fly gear who definitely give you the feeling that you're something less of a fisherman because you're throwing a lure out, or heaven forbid, you use a worm! Athough I must admit it does feel pretty good when you throw that rainbow lure out and on the third cast hook into a 24 inch brownie while a fly guy floats his bugs for an hour without so much as rise. What's worse is when you try talking about some other type of fishing like bass and you get the eye roll like there's no other fishing but with a fly. Hey I like fly fishing too, and I must confess, i've not had a lot of luck at it, but I understand why folks enjoy it, but don't make the rest of feel like we should go to the u-fish because we don't know what we're doing in the river.
I used to be one so I can tell you first hand that you are right! But then I went into the light and never looked back!

I agree with ya too. I've gotten into a few heated arguements myself on opening day of trout. Most the snobs that flyfish have to jump into the middle of 8 foot wide stream on opening day of trout in PA are ridiculous. Its more of a show of "I'm a better fishermen than you because I have all this fancy equipment." One guy was flyfishing and walking in the stream right in front of me and snagged my line. I was pretty pissed so I had to say, "Seriously, This is pennsylvania, your not in the colorado river. You have no need to hop into a 2 foot deep creek. Other people are here fishing and you act like you own the place. Get outta here!" The guy just unhooked my my hook off his waiters and walked off and didnt say anything. I've flyfished before and I respect the people that do it for the challenge but I hate the flyfisherman that act like they own the stream. This year me and my buddies surrounded both sides of the trout stream we were fishing so the flyfisherman in waiters felt compelled to get out of the stream and walk around us. As you can tell flyfishing pricks really get me heated!
Fly Fishing is harder then regular fishing. Thats just my opinion I might not be right because I have never been Fly Fishing before but when you see people Fly Fishing it just looks a whole lot harder then Regular Fishing. Thats mybe why Fly Fishermen think they are better then you because they are doing it the hard way and regular fishermen are catching all the fish.
People say that its harder, but it's just like all fishing. It takes practice and knowledge. I have fished with avid fly anglers on occasions who catch double the fish I do when I use a rapala. That does not happen very often tho, lemme tell ya. I fly fish and normal fish about half and half and fly fishing is no harder for me its just less effective. I mean seriously which whould you rather eat if you were a fish? This?

or this?

HaHa, Nick your wading in some pretty deep water with this one but I like it. The world is full of posers and for some reason guys like to dress up as fly fishermen. I've slayed them on nymph patterns that on that day would outfish anything I presented (except live nymphs). I dont care how you fish, it's the way you handle yourself on the water that counts. The first thing I do is never jump a guys spot; sit on a log and wait or find another spot but never crowd. The only time I've wanted to drown someone is when they bump my drift. The red line heads up past my ears and my cork grip gets perminent finger marks, lol.
I agree fully on that it's how you handle yourself on the water. Don't even get me started with all those drunk canoers. They bug me more than fly fisherman. In Michigan you can only canoe on the river between 9am and 6pm so sometimes I fish by the canoe take out spots after 6 pm just to watch the DNR give them tickets. I love watching the look on those loud drunks when they realize they are getting a ticket.
When I'm flipping docks you'll get a cottage owner freak out, usually beer related. They'll tell me to "fish somewhere else, we own the bay, this is my property, I'll call the cops". When I was younger I would argue my point, the law, but I never convinced anyone I was right, infact I'd run over it all day in my head and ruin my day. Now I laugh and politely say I'm sorry and skip their dock. It makes me laugh that these idiots with million dollar cottages spend all their time up there defending their imagined turf. Not my idea of fun, I'll let the next >30 year old through fuel in the fire, I'm off to the next dock.
dont make yourself belive its harder lol..once you get the casting figured out its like riding a bike...big woop they took a week to learn to cast..you probably didn't catch fish the first week you used that closed face reel when you were a kid...remember when you could only cast 10 feet and hooked your buddies ear every second cast ......Its just more fun casting and different,not harder.
Finally someone else too!! God, when I started fly fishing ~8 years ago, I couldn't beleive how much of an "exclusive" sport people made it out to be. When I would ask for help, it was like pulling teeth for anyone to answer me in a non "snobish" way. I always felt like a little kid when I was around other fly fisherman. It got so bad at this one area I fished that I actually wore cut off jogging pants with a "foam dome" on my head just to piss all the other cravate wearing fisherman. Now when I choose the fly rod over the spinning gear, I make it a point to smile more and be extra help full to any one who asks.
Not to mention fly tiers.... even worse... don't get me started.
all branches of fishing seem to have it's various moods. Surf rats tend to be pretty stoic and maybe a little arogent. fly fisherman definetly take the cake with snootyness however, they all think its a spiritual art. i Agree it certanly is as much of an art as it is a sport but spare us the theatrics
I just couldn't catch enough fish with a fly.....the thrill was not there and the rod catches dust. Never saw a snob either. Guess I was lucky.


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