I just wanted to start a discussion of fishing conditions, stories, tips, etc. of lakes in Alabama. I am a member of the University of Alabama in Birmingham's Fishing Team. All our conference tournaments this year have been held in Northern Alabama and I have only fished in Alabama so far (Lewis Smith Lake is my favorite). Feel free to post about any species of fish. Hang a hog!

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Have you fished Guntersville? That's my favorite! I don't live far from Smith Lake but I'm not too crazy bout it. Too deep and I prefer the shallow grassy terrain of Guntersville. Plus the fish are much bigger...Smith has MONSTER stripe and some nice spots though!!
good group, its always good to find groups where you can exchange info on the local lakes. i'm with kevin on fishin the grass at guntersville. being mostly a weekender when it comes to fishin, i fish guntersville 90 percent of the time i fish. just because i want to go where i know the lake better and have a better opportunity to catch what i feel is better qualtiy fish. if i went to smith or logan martin or lay i would have to spend more time lookn for the fish than i would fishin probably. kevin you fishin up or down river over there and you doing any good lately?
Anybody been to Guntersville lately? They should be starting to really turn on!!!
I haven't been to Guntersville this year. I'm not fond of putting my boat on that water. It's a tad small to handle the waves there when the wind gets up. When I go, I normally fish on the wheeler side of the dam from the bank. When those gates are open and the water's churnin', buddy you can catch some more bream and sometimes catfish. It's fun to catch the skipjack too.
i gues they have been crushing them since the end of march.

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