Alabama Rig - What is it? I keep hearing people referring to it.

Can anyone tell me what the Alabama rig is. I've heard a few friends talk about it but I never asked 'em what it is, why it's different and when to use it.

Any info would be great. 

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I don't know all the ins and outs, but basically its a rig that you run more than one bait off so it looks like a school of fish. Apparently you might get multiple hook ups on a single cast. Haven't tried it or seen it in action though.

its just like an umberalla rig for strippers. its suppose to look like a school of bait fish.  saw it in action on you tube. i guess it works, you have to have some balls to use it in a tournament. 

In Arkansas we call that an Umbrella rig. Used alot for striper fishing.


My buddy turned me on to them.And he made about 10 we have been trying it but still no fish yet just have to figure out how to fish them.Here is the link to the FLW Lake Guntersville where they first pop'd up!

I wonder how legal that would be here in Iowa. You're only allowed two sets of separate hooks. So either two single hooks on their own rods or two crank baits. Something like this may be considered 6. Unless it was a permanent rig, or some those baits don't contain hooks and just used for their action.


I never heard of it until I got on this web site!!!  Don't have many friends that fish here but can ask around for


If the Alabama Rig is not legal in your state, check out the Calabama rig. They made it for California where you can only have three hooks on one rod.

Simply put, it's an umbrella rig.  There is a line eye, followed by a, i believe half ounce weight.  There are five wire arms coming off the back, with swivels on the end.  It is meant to represent a small school of baitfish.  Unfortunately, certain states don't allow it.  For ex., in my state (Massachusetts) you can not have more than two hooks in the water, except on treble hook lures, where the hooks are factory(ex. a bomber long A with 3 trebles would be accepted.  Hope that helps.


Greg maybe some one needs to create a Massabama rig that uses trebles instead of single hooks for you guys.

I was thinking that, haha

hmm... i got an idea


Just another Tool in the Box....


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