Favorite places to fish? Urban? Lakes? Rivers? Where ever. I mostly do urban fishing cause that's what I'm around but I love Lake Pleasant and Some little stuff in Flagstaff... I've never had much luck at Bartlett but I also haven't fished it more than two times so I'll have to hit that up again. McCormick Ranch Lake chain is great for urban fishing if you live around there. Great for Largemouth, Blue gill, Crappie, and Catfish. You can do any style of fishing there too. I fly Fish and Spin Cast the whole chain. Sneaking onto the golf course is great, especially at night for Catfish. When it's really hot during the day, if you can really get it out there, drop shot is good cause the fish are so lazy, reel up real slowly too. What are some of your favorite places to fish and the best places you've been here?

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Weymouth's Pond i like to do fishing....




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