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Fishing out of the Niagara River can be a fun experience or a lousy experience. I want to try new things, but everyone suggests the worm harness drift for smallies. Rigs can be lost quick if not set properly. Its fast moving water towards Strawberry Island near Grand Island. 


Any suggestions?

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you can tight line a cray fish or crawdad w.e u wanna call it, in the evening till night , along slopy rock shore lines i use a 1/4 oz to a 1 oz pencil weight with a 3 way dont get much snags but when i do i have on 12 lb test with a ligt polel so ihave a chance to get it out,

also i like drifting a carolina rigged cray fish works well too, use just enough weight to pull him cllose to the bottom.

they like to come up  form the deeper waters to the rocks to look for crayfish at night.

and a staple for catching smallies, just a curly tail grub, i use 3 in grub  green or white carolina rigged. run it horizontal to any obsruction you can find prettty much. if you hav  depth finder youll find nice smallies deep this time of year by drop offs and high rises in flats in deeper areas .....they also like to hang in the masses in areas where the  substate changes. look for that ull find a hole you can fish for hours.And if all else fails take a trip down to the gorge an throw in a green mister twister ull nail um all day sept there usually smaller down there i think 3 1/2 lb is the biggest i pulled out of the gorge and i frequent it i like the hike and the scenary...use grubs tho cuz a sturgeon will take a worm  and hit the current and run ur line out in 5 seconds..


I had a tournament there and Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits did the trick! When you find the fish, throw a wacky rigged senko at them. or a weightless tube



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