My Husband & I are starting to research boats and what all is out there and what's the best deal for your money. Anybody have any recommendations? Thoughts about one boat brand over another? We are looking for an aluminum boat, no fiberglass. Please do share!!!
Thanks! :)

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express boats are very overpriced!
sea ark bass boats/pre rigged 20 ft aluminum, with 150 is half the cost of fiberglass rig, and when propped out correctly will out run anything on the river... especially, at blast off! boat sits on plane!
unconditional warranty on hull!
love em!
i guided out of a 25' sea ark deck boat for years...would run 54, with tricked-out130 yamaha... again, the boat never had nose climb at take off... hit the gas, it was on plane!
i do miss that boat!


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