Does any one know a good way to catch large mouht a cold front. they like bite one day and then the front comes through and they just like disapeare. i could use some help.

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Bass will usually will go deep when a major cold front passes. Start by fishing deep with jigs,cranks etc. Slow down the presentation of the bait you are using. I use a 5" senko styled worm and focus my attack on humps,points,rock piles etc. Good luck!!!
any special colors? where can you find senko? they must be poplur cuz i hear alot about them on this site by alot of ppl
I like to Texas rig a finesse worm around cover that's submerged next to deep water. Trees in 8 to 10 ft. of water tend to work well for me. As for colors, try to stay pretty natural. Darker colors imitate craws, lighter colors imitate shad. Also, I don't use a ton of weight, maybe an eight-ounce or sixteenth-ounce. Be patient.


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