I picked up this new topwater bait yesterday at Walmart of all places.

I just wanted to do a quick review on it. I haven't fished it yet, but I'm hoping to get out in the upcoming weeks.

To start off:
This is the first "quality" frog I've seen with realistic legs. And I put emphasis on quality because I have seen some very cheap frog out there with legs on them.
It's a nice change from the colored tassels on all the current frog lures.

Since I haven't fished with it yet, I can't confirm this, but the packaging reads:

The frog’s legs extend on the retrieve and contract during pauses to replicate real frog movements. On the pause the frog will sit at a 45 degree angle with just its head poking out of the water once again to replicate the resting position of a frog.


Sounds pretty awesome to me, but I'll have to test it out and report back on my findings.

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