Never been much of a walleye fisherman...just getting into them this year.
Caught this little 16" one today in Arvada, Colorado along with a couple large perch (about 8 inch).
Funny thing is my buddy and I were catching them on Gold and Silver Kastmasters.


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You are well on your way to becoming a walleye Professional.. :)
Congratulations on catching a walleye!!

Thanks, we really found a good spot, and walleye are not as easy to catch out here. My buddy Dave yesterday caught a 20 inch and it was just awesome. Funny, but that thing laid like a log until about halfway in. Another guy out there said the same thing.
Thats really cool. Check out my articles! I wrote them and they are all about live bait for stripers and bass; crayfish for bass and snapper blues for stripers. I have a bunch more which you can find also, but here are links to two of them. Really informative. and
Those were good John, especially the crawdad article, thanks.
Got to love buck-tail kastmasters-I use big ones 3/4 oz-3 oz. to go after muskie, although I have caught several large bass (upwards of 16 inches to a 22 inches) bass on them. I also got about a 8 inch perch on a 3/4 oz. little cleo-neon green and silver. Good job, walley ought to be coming back to my area when water cools off a little...I will keep kastmasters handy...
Check out this perch from the same lake, caught on large silver/w blue stripe Kastmaster.
By the way...I tried something different this morning. Last night I hand painted some perch stripes on a large plain silver Kastmaster- caught an 18 and a 19 inch walleye this morning in one hour! I also had added a 6' fluorocarbon leader to my braided line just in case. SEEMED to work! I will be doing that with more lures...
I caught a decent size perch on a 3/4 oz. little cleo, neon green and silver..yea perch are real tasty...
Did you keep and eat it? I only tried it once in 1984 out in Alberta but it's a very tasty fish.
You know...I want to try one but this little lake couldnt take too much of that. Besides, I asked guy whos been fishing there for years if he tried one- he said it tasted like the lake smelled! lol
I really want to take one though, but I think I'm gonna wait for something in the 24 inch range first. Most people say the same thing-they are tasty.
We catch them out of the lower Missouri on mr twisters and 1/4 ounce heads up here in Montana. Along with Sauger(a walleye lookalike) and Small mouth. Good eatin they are. When they get big you can even eat the "cheek meat"
Yeah, we got some of those Saugeye too...but they don't get much more than 17 inches usually. I like the idea of the cheek meat- I'll remember that one. I'm hoping to keep one and eat it soon, but Im holding out for a 24 incher first.
Typically the smaller the fish, the better they taste. Here in IL, there's usually a 16" minimum length limit and almost nobody keeps anything longer than 22". After they get larger, the meat isn't as tender and tasty. On a lot of lakes in Canada, there's a slot limit of 14" to 18".

Also, the larger fish typically are the reporducing females and taking a lot of those out can ruin a fishery very quickly. What I do here in IL is keep the fish that are in the 16" to 19" range and release everything else. The smaller ones typically have better meat and taking a few out every now and then won't hurt the population too bad.


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