East Cape - back to back

Our week kind of started out sour when a cold green upwelling of water developed along the East Cape shore.  The condition made the bite tough but we are thankful it didn't last long.

Now the Sea of Cortez is Tidy Bowl blue and 80 to 85 degrees.  Schools of spotted and spinner dolphin have appeared everywhere from Pulmo to north of Pescadero 15 to 35 miles off shore.

The porpoise are loaded with yellowfin tuna that are eager to bend rods. Fish 30 to 50 lbs plus are eating Halco Laser pro lures and chunk squid best while smaller fish are coming on hoochies.  Striped marlin are in the same area as the tuna and have been very aggressive attacking everything we cast at them.  The water right along the shore is still a little green but bubba sized roosters that have been absent are finally starting to show in numbers.

Hey Charlie, you are coming with us

Vivian Stotesbury battling a striper while her husband Greg watches

Greg leadering Viv's fish for release

Applegate team pre-fishing for the Fish & Chips tournament.  Those are "I got a limit smile" for everyone

The bite is insane right now.  We are having to drive away from hungry yellowfin

Eldo finally on the rod.  In my last Facebook post I promised a funny story.  Adam and Eldo were fishing the Fish & Chips tournament.  In the porpoise chunking squid Eldo had to go to the head.  Suddenly Captain Polo heard all this ruckus coming from the salon.  He went to check it out and found the head door was stuck with Eldo inside.  Right at that time his rod went off.  Polo had to leave him and help on deck.  Adam was fighting the fish and once under control Polo went back to help Eldo.  After about 20 minutes he finally got the door open.  Eldo came out just in time to take over the battle from Adam who was starting to labor.  It all ended well when the fish was landed and turned out to be the biggest in the tournament.

Biggest fish, first place, Adam and Eldo

Adam, Eldo, Capt Polo, 1st mate Armando and the KIR babes. Second year in a row, back to back wins for Team Jen Wren.

This is why we live here.  Greg and Vivian enjoying a beautiful sunset after a great day of fishing.
Mark Rayor

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