East Cape - Best ever

As winters go we have experienced a very mild one.  Yes, we had our windy days but not that relentless buckle your seat belt, hang on to your hat, surf pounding wind we put up with some years.  Be that as it may it has still been a long winter and has given me cabin fever.

Finally, Wednesday we launched Jen Wren for our season.  Having to set our anchor and pick up some bait we got a bit of a late start.

Reports indicated good fishing off La Ribera and further south.  I am not crazy about fishing with the fleet and always try to get away from the traffic when we can.  Also, looking for broadbill is always on my mind so my decision was to head offshore.

We ran straight East for about an hour, plunked in the marlin lures and I jumped into my Frazier gyros.  The water was 72 degrees and a nice color.  It didn't take long for our Simrad sounder to start sounding off.  As we worked further East we were metering spots of bait constantly.  Conditions looked right and I could see the vision of that swordfish in my mind.  Turned out I never found Willie but it didn't take long to spot a school of common dolphin.

We made the first pass through the dolphin trolling marlin lures.  Not getting bit I told Diego to put on a Halco Laser pro.  It only took about two minutes to get confirmation the porpoise were holding yellowfin.  Landing our first fish I asked Diego to put on another Halco.  Moments later it was double hookup.  Three fish in the box we changed out all the trolling rods to Laser Pros.  After that it was cockpit chaos with more reels screaming than anglers to handle them.  By 11am the kill bag was full and we had limited out.  It was hard to drive away but we had the best ever first day of the season fishing any of us has ever experienced.

We had such an action packed first day I decided to double back the next day and give it another shot.  Finding the porpoise was easy.  Getting the tuna to bite was not.  We did catch a couple of nice dorado but the porpoise seemed nervous and were moving fast.  After several hours we decided to leave them and look for a different school.  It didn't take long to find another spot of porpoise and they seemed happy to cooperate.  Before the end of the day we limited out with yellowfin tuna and also dorado.

Now the wind is up again but the forecast indicates it is not going to last.  Cleaning our catch we found them to be chock full of market squid.  Most likely that is what we were metering.  With the volume of bait out there, the amount of bird life, mantas, turtles and whales I see no reason gamefish will leave the area and all indications are that we are in store for some great fishing.

Time to go fishing

Strong dorado bite

Polo's first of the season

Spring yellowfin

Sashimi time

Halcos = tuna magnet

Jen Wren crew getting tuned up

Hard to fly a fishing kite without wind.  Adding another tool to our arsenal, we are putting helium on all of our boats.

Vaquera will be the first 35 Cabo to have a Seakeeper.  This stabilization system will be a game changer for anglers prone to motion sickness and old guys like me.
Mark Rayor

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