East Cape - Burning a spot

East Cape weather couldn't be nicer.  Seas are calm and the water is warming.  Inshore sea temp is 77-78 degrees and gin clear.  Off shore the water is a beautiful blue and 75-76 degrees.  

We are sighting more birds and bait.  Yesterday we saw more flying fish than previous weeks.  Reports from La Paz to San Jose are fish are starting to show.  It looks like things are perking up everywhere. We have had a pretty good week with wahoo, striped marlin, amberjack and to top it off limits of yellowfin tuna yesterday.

It kinda cracks me up that some of my American friends are the first to ask where we got them but wouldn't throw us a life ring if we were going down.  Well, maybe that is an exaggeration but they certainly wouldn't share any fish dope.  I know they wish they could paint their boat invisible and not let anyone know where they are going or where they have been.  I never ask the gringos because it is obvious they don't want to give it up.  The ironic part is the East Cape charter boat skippers who are mostly always on the meat are always willing to share.  Even with good dope a guy still needs the talent to find 'em and execute.  I'm not worried about burning a spot that was productive.  That was yesterday's spot, the fish have fins and will be moving on.

Jojo with a nice yellowfin she landed on a Hookup Bait

Chad and Jojo with tuna limits at 10:20am

Amberjack inshore on a Hookup Bait

Chad hammered the cabrllia one after another

Wahoo providing steady action

First marlin smiles

I got to pull on some and fill my limit

Okay boys, this is where we left them yesterday.  They were heading north, go get them!
Jeff, please don't spank me.  I just copied this one Terrafin chart for illustration.
Mark Rayor

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