East Cape - Caught in the act 

Two days of summer-like weather and north winds are back.  Now the surf is pounding and I have graduated to a long sleeved t-shirt to combat the chill.

The last few days walking the beach I have observed juvenile sardines puddling all up and down the shore.  Roosterfish, sierra mackerel, Mexican look-downs and other gamefish can be seen feasting on the sardines.  Now, gazing out the window while writing, I can see pelicans diving and frigate birds working right in front of our place.  After not seeing many sardines along the shore for the last couple years what we are now experiencing gives a very encouraging outlook for our 2015 season.

There has not been much boat traffic but I did hear the high spot of La Ribera has been producing snapper, white bonita and also a few striped marlin.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your bait when a gamefish bites?  Normally when a fish is landed there is not a trace of the bait used to entice the bite.  Looking through some of the photos we took this year I found a few images of fish caught in the act.

Oops! Gamefish aren't the only ones we caught in the act.
I want to extend a special thanks to Accurate fishing products, AFTCO, Simrad, Calstar, Momoi's Hi-Catch, Costa, Graham Communication, Lynn Rose Tours and Cass tours for helping us make 2014 a great year and your continuing support.
Wishing everybody a happy new year!

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