East Cape - Febrero loco y Marzo otra poco 

When making small talk around here with the local Mexican people weather is always a common topic.  This time of year a colloquialism that is often used with a smile and a laugh is "Febrero loco y Marzo otra poco".  There is always at least a smile because literally it is not correct Spanish and doesn't really make sense.  Everybody always gets a chuckle and the conversation generally continues on to something else.  The translation to English is February crazy and March another little.

This morning contemplating what to write in this report it dawned on me how much this colloquialism "Febrero loco y Marzo otra poco" doesn't just pertain to our weather but also our fishing.  Good friend Gary Graham coined the phrase that went something like "by the time you hear about the bite it's too late". That has never been more true than right now.

Game fish have been unpredictable and as much of a moving target as I can ever remember.  Tuna, yellowtail, amberjack, sierra mackerel and a few billfish are all here.  Getting on top of them has been the trick.  For a couple days a few tuna showed at the south end of Cerralvo Island.  That dried up and boats found the fish close to shore just a mile or so south of Palmas de Cortez.  That didn't last long and then a few tuna were taken down south at the San Luis bank.  After the tuna stopped biting at the island a few yellowtail were taken.  Off La Ribera and Rincon amberjack will pop up one day and then be gone for several.  Billfish as well are spread everywhere.  There doesn't seem to be any concentration but are popping up here and there.  Live bait has also been very inconsistent.  

Conditions look good.  The water is 74 degrees and a nice blue color.  All we can do is hope as spring wears on more gamefish will come to the party.

Captain Polo with a big mouth yellowtail

All the yellows have been quality

Humpback whales have been very consistent 

Always fun to watch

Florance family with our first tuna of 2017

Nice way for Curt Saxton to spend the day before his wedding

Look at that weather!
Mark Rayor
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