East Cape - Happens every year

Our week started out with beautiful weather and action packed fishing.  The day before yesterday an upwelling of cold ugly green water developed along the shoreline out to 20 miles from San Jose del Cabo north almost past Punta Perico.  Every year in June this phenomena occurs.  Normally the condition is not this severe and stops to the south at Cabo Pulmo or Punta Arena Light house.  This year is has stretched across Palmas Bay passed Punta Pescadero which is a little unusual.

The ugly water hasn't affected the marlin bite and they are still active off La Ribera and the Lighthouse.  It has negatively impacted the yellowfin bite.  Typically this only lasts a week or 10 days before conditions are back to normal.  We certainly hope it is the case this year.

Abuelo Dan, over 80 and still stroking 'em

Terrafin SST clearly shows the upwelling

81 year old abuela Anne having fun with her granddaughter Sophia

Halco Lazer Pros, fish love them

J Poe with his chip off the 'ol block

Yellowfin, not liking the drastic change in conditions.
Get them having fun when they are young and they will fish with you forever

Yum, yum

What ever it takes to keep the birds off. A coyote scarecrow
Hitch hiking red footed boobie
Mark Rayor

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