East Cape - I have learned not to measure

Calm nights but windy days has made for very few departures this week.  Several mornings the wind stayed down long enough for tin boaters to get in a few hours in chasing sierra mackerel and small dorado.  Sea temperature has dropped to the low 70's but is still blue and clear.

Several mornings from the beach I have sighted bait puddling, flying fish, sierra mackerel, jumping mantas, schools of porpoise and whales breaching.  Even when not fishing it seems there is never a dull moment on the Sea of Cortez.

Last week I drove to Cabo San Lucas to do some holiday shopping.  Normally I take the no toll-toll  (they haven't been charging a toll since August) road from the San Jose del Cabo Airport straight to Cabo. On this trip I needed to stop in San Jose to pay our electric bills because for some reason CFE (electric company) would not accept on line payment.

After getting the bills paid I decided to take Highway 1 to Cabo rather than backtrack to the toll road.  En route to my surprise there was a Pemex Gas station with a huge neon sign displaying fuel prices.  It reminded me that our fuel prices have been de-regulated and can now be set and adjusted by the independent operator that owns the station.

Holy smokes!  Starting to look like the U.S.

Our small community only has two gas stations so there isn't much competition.  Interestingly enough the pump jockey where we trade said they planned on keeping their prices in line with stations in La Paz.  We will see how long that will last.  I anticipate watching prices inch up in 2018.  

Another interesting comment by the attendant was that a lot of Americans get upset when filling gas cans and find that they can get more than 5 gallons in their 5 gallon can.  I have learned not to measure.  We need fuel to operate and just have learned to suck up the price and at times the short count.  Looking at the big picture this is still the best place on earth to live.

Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez

Gazing out on the sea, something is always happening

Looking ahead, we will be exhibiting at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival February 16-17-18.  Stop by and see an Accurate Valiant in a fish bowl at the Orange County Fairgrounds

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841


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