East Cape - I'll take another Bud

Once Hurricane Bud with winds of 130+MPH was downgraded to a tropical storm before center punching Cabo San Lucas it was all hands on deck on the East Cape with everyone pulling boats out of the water in preparation for Buds arrival.  We received about 1 1/2 inches of rain in a twelve hour period with a minimal amount of wind.  The storm was very gentle and our biggest hardship was losing satellite TV signal for a few hours.  No flash flooding, no debris washed into the sea, no howling winds, as far as storms go I'll take another Bud any day.

Besides not having any damage the best news about the whole event is gamefish never lost their appetite.  Inshore water did turn off color and temps did drop but off shore Yellowfin tuna are as aggressive as ever plus more blue marlin are starting to show.

Now the coast is clear.  The sticky humidity in the air is gone and the sea is like a pond.  It is back to happy anglers with bent rods and full fish boxes.

Manuel doing the happy tuna dance

Been finding marlin at the tuna grounds

Halco Laser Pros have been our secret weapon.  Yesterday after boating this fish I put the lure back in the water Diego bumped the boat forward while Polo and Ervis were fighting tuna and Kazam!  I was on again

Just cheeks and a collar from this one

Diego putting an Accurate Valiant to the test on our first blue marlin of the season.  The reel did better than the crew who tag teamed the fish

Ervis taking his turn on the first blue marlin in his life

Ervie is going to sleep good with a limit of yellowfin under his belt

Tuna jacuzzi
Mark Rayor

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