East Cape - Just goofing around 

Our 2017 season is off to a sputtering start.  Locating gamefish has been tough and finding anglers hasn't been much easier.  Great conditions have made it look like the bite will bust wide open any day.  I have been saying that for more than a month and it still hasn't happened.

Tuna, marlin, amberjack and roosterfish have all been visible but just haven't had an appetite.  Lack of anglers causing few departures has not helped.  It is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.  We need more boats fishing to help locate where the action is.  On the other hand it is frustrating to get a good thing going and have too much traffic.

We have been struggling to find fish but one thing I know for sure, you can't catch them sitting on the porch.  Fishing is my passion and I love being on the water, only having a few charters has given me the opportunity to just goof around.  Doing so I have certainly found enough action to keep my attention.  Posted are a few recent photos.

I run a hell of a good operation.  Front row seat for whale watching when we are not catching fish at no extra charge

Goofing off on an over night trip with the crew. None of them had ever seen a fish like this or knew what it was.  Being a So. Cal. guy I recognized the sheephead immediately.

Tuna have been a slow pick chunking squid

Captain Polo on the wire

This has been a different year.  It is unusual to get sailfish this early

Jen Wren Jeni on the release

Sell your Pacifico stock!  Jackurate is on the Gatorade

Picked off a nice rooster yesterday while on anchor scrubbing the Vaquera

Always something to see.  Lots of turtles in the area

I never get tired of East Cape sunrises

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841


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