East Cape - Last Quarter

East Cape temperature is rising.  The daytime high 70's was very comfortable but now we are experiencing low 80's and almost everyone is looking for shade.  Sea of Cortez water temperature has followed suit and gone from middle low 70's to high 70's.  Strong current has prevailed and water clarity has been different each day.  Some days the water is a beautiful blue and other days not so much.

Tuna fishing was so good for a couple days anglers were hanging quality fish from the shore pitching poppers.

I'm not a proponent of the moon phase theory but have notice for the last several months we have had an outstanding bite right through the full moon until the last quarter.  As we get into the last quarter again, the gamefish develop lockjaw.  Fish are here, we can see them, they just won't go.  Now we are in the last phase again and the bite is tough as nails.

Last week we caught tuna that were so plugged with sardines, calamari and caballitos their bellies looked distorted.  This week they are showing and just teasing us.

Yesterday was the first report of a blue marlin being hooked.  The angler fought it for 6 hours on 50# gear before breaking it off.  Dorado have become scarce but more wahoo are starting to show.

The new moon is on the 15th and I'm ready for the place to light up any day.

I've been up in California for my oldest grandson's college graduation and to spend some time with my mom who has been in the hospital.  Also my younger grandson won an award for a drone photo he captured.  His photography inspired me to invest in a drone with the hope of getting some good fishing shots.  Just don't want to hear a big splash while I'm flying.

Aaron and Connie with limits last week

Elly Madrigal caught a very windy day but still managed a couple nice tuna

So far this week there has been a lot of time to practice flying

Can't complain about the weather

Hoping to get drone shots as good as my grandson someday
Mark Rayor

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