East Cape - March madness

It has been a long winter but March has finally arrived.  We are still getting some windy days but spring is on the way.  I have graduated back to short sleeves and flip flops.  We haven't had to stoke up our fireplace for more than a week and history tells me it is time that our weather will just keep getting nicer.

There have only been a few boats fishing which makes it difficult to get a good handle on the action. I'm not seeing many flags and the little I have heard is that it is still tough.  I did speak with a commercial snapper fisherman who had some encouraging news.  The fish dope was that aside from an excellent snapper bite while bottom fishing on high spots off Buena Vista he has seen schooling yellowtail breeze by his lights.  I also heard Cassman report striped marlin are starting to migrate from Cabo San Lucas up the Sea of Cortez.

The other day from our deck I saw pelicans diving on bait.  Also saw some incredible shots from the beach of whales breaching right in front of Playa del Sol.  All the signs are right and the East Cape is ripe to have the bite go ballistic within the next few weeks.  Last year yellowfin tuna showed in March and it wouldn't surprise me to see it happen again.

Our boats have been gone over from top to bottom and ready to go.  We don't have a scheduled trip for a couple of weeks but I am going to slide them in the water next week and start shaking them down for the season.

We haven't been fishing so I don't have any current photos but here are a few from last March. Proof, the early bird catches the fish.

March madness

Jon Marks asked that I call when the bite went off.  I did and he was practically here by the time I hung up.

Freddy Lemay got in on the action with Jon

Sherry and Pam worked out on the tuna and then on their canner

Colorful dorado always exciting

Skipper Polo getting the kinks out on Jen Wren shake down

Seems like more than a year.  I'm ready to do it again

Only got four because we were only pulling four Halcos.  Anglers ask what is my favorite color, well.. there ya go.

Last season was our first using helium balloons with the kite.  Oh boy was that fun!
Mark Rayor 

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