East Cape - Marlin arm

To sum it up in a nutshell, beautiful weather, excellent conditions and slow fishing.

Sea conditions look right with 75 degree clear blue water.  The abundance of bait we saw last month has disappeared and for the most part so have gamefish.  Last week we were out hunting for porpoise and didn't see any life all day.  No birds, turtles or bait, the sea was just dead.  A couple days ago we were back in the same area and the place was alive.  Turtles, whales and birds were everywhere.  We encountered 4 different schools of porpoise but nobody was home.  Didn't meter any bait or fish in our sounder.  All the signs look right but the tuna just haven't shown up yet.

The last day I was out we did sight four different marlin tailing and saw several more jumping.  All we can do is keep trying and I have faith that one day soon the place is going to pop.

Tailers starting to show

Jen kicking some butt.  Now she is complaining her arm hurts

This marlin got the last laugh giving Jen Marlin arm

The proper way to release a marlin.  After battle the fish is tired, swimming it alongside the boat getting water to pass through its gills helps revive the fish.  Diego won't let go until the fish looks like it can swim off on its own.  This gives the fish a much better chance of survival.   I see so many boats just throw them back and watch them sink.

George Gavallos here for spring break with his family found tough fishing.

Gavallos's did get some father son bonding in and managed to catch dinner at the same time.

Not sure what variety of whale but it was quite a sight

Spring is here.
Mark Rayor

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