It has been a week of perfect weather and action packed fishing.  

Porpoise schools have been easy to find off shore but we have found tuna to not be as cooperative as last week.  There is more than one way to skin a cat though or it might be better said to catch a tuna so we shifted gears.  Drifting live baits on high spots off La Ribera, south of Punta Arena and Punta Pescadero,  has been producing quality tuna along with amberjack, pompano and cubera snapper.

Blue marlin and sailfish are showing in bigger numbers.  Two blues in excess of 400 lbs. each were reported along with a 62lb bull dorado.  This is excellent news with the Dorado Shootout and Bisbee's East Cape Offshore just a few weeks away.

Oops! Flying a Yummy Flyer with our AFTCO fishing kite fooled this spotted dolphin.  We had to slide him in our transom door to successfully remove the hook and let him go.

I know what's for dinner tonight

They don't come unbuttoned with Halco trebles in their chops

Marlin providing constant action.

Our clean up batter Bryan, hung this huge cubera snapper on anchor while scrubbing Vaquera and put an Accurate Valiant to the test.

Tuna smiles

Sailfish action for Jon Marks
Freddy Lamey and company with a nice mixed bag.
Mark Rayor

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