East Cape - Parts is parts

We are starting to turn the corner toward winter.  Air and water temperatures are starting to drop and the stifling humidity is diminishing.  We are also experiencing more days with wind from the north.

Game fish don't care and rods are still bending as they have all year.  Wahoo pop up and bite well for a couple days then move off.  Dorado have been hard to find but there are a few good ones coming to the scale.  Marlin and sailfish have been very consistent but the main event has been the ridiculous tuna bite.  Drifting on high spots has not been as effective but porpoise schools off shore with working birds have been giving up the tuna.

October brought excellent fishing all month but I'm glad it is over.  In just the month we suffered more mechanical failures than the sum of the last 2 years.  Parts is parts and we went through a lot of what we had stockpiled.  The short story is 3 alternators, one turbo charger, one marine head, one diesel transfer pump, 2 torsional couplers, one prop shaft and propeller.  On Halloween I thought we blew a transmission and had one of our spares un-crated ready to install but it turned out to be a second torsional coupler.  Aside from all of this we are on our third 15hp outboard motor on our shore boat.

Yes, parts is parts and with a month full of tournaments we were lucky to have what we needed to not miss a days fishing.  Hats off to my crew who worked long and hard after hours keeping everything together.  Toughest single day they arrived at 6am, fished all day and then snapped a prop shaft close to home.  They gimped in, put the boat on trailer and worked till 1:30am doing the repair and doubled back at 6am to go fishing again.  Parts is parts.

Rescue a sea.  The poor turtle got wrapped up in shark gear.  We were happy to help out and set him free.

This porpoise flipped us the fin at the wrong time and was hooked.  He was very cooperative letting us get the hook out and swam away happy.  Most anglers have never seen this happen but earlier this year we had another eat our Yummie flyer while flying the kite.

Omar Ariza harvested 92 turtle eggs from in front of our Casa Front Row to incubate in the conservancy's nursery.  They are now releasing newborn turtles almost every evening and the public is invited to participate.

Explosive blue marlin, always a rush

Nice bull dorado

Got our first Accurate star drag Tern.  Perfect East Cape setup matched with a newly designed Accurate rod.

Charlie inhaled this Yummie flyer

Getting 'em flying the Mold Craft squid

Yellowfin just keep coming

Had to crawl out of the bridge and get in on the action.  Glad I remembered how to turn the handle

Lit up blue marlin
Mark Rayor

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