East Cape - Perfect vacation

It has been excellent weather and good fishing all week.  Preparing boats and gear for the upcoming East Cape Off Shore tournament, I find myself running behind.  Rather than writing a report I have decided to share a letter and photos we received yesterday.  Matt Perez sums it up better than I can.  He planned his trip for almost a year and stayed with us this last week.

Hi Mark
Well it’s sad when it has to end but I wanted to tell you how great our vacation was with you, your wife and your boat as well as your crew members on the Jen Wren.
From the moment we pulled up to your property and entering the gates everything started off great.

Casa Front Row is definitely top notch place to stay. A beautiful home on the beach. Very clean and very well taken care of and full of anything you need to feel right at home especially when traveling with 2 kids. I have been traveling to baja for 11 years now and I have never felt unsafe but when traveling with kids things change.  There was not one moment while staying at Casa Front Row did we have to worry about the kids safety. From going to the beach and walking around playing you know that they are as safe as can be. Everything about Casa Front Row is amazing. 
Now for your boat but more importantly your crew. Bottom line your fleet is the best I’ve been on in my 11 years of fishing in Mexico . Boats are fully loaded and perfect for having what you need to have a successful day. Diego and Manuel are amazing.  They treated everyone so well and made all of our experiences on the boat better than we could have even asked for. They were so good with the kids. As we know kids can keep on going from up and down and bow to stern and questions with more questions. Not once did they ever seem annoyed, frustrated or or bothered by them. They made the kids and all of us feel like we were apart of the crew.  From working hard to catch fish even when fish didn’t wanna bite to teaching me and my friend new technique and baja fishing styles.  They are very professional and very good at what they do. Just the experience of fishing with them was definitely an honor and great learning lesson for us.  It’s having experiences like that which make everything worth it. My 10 year old daughter on the flight home was asking when will be be going back and fishing with Diego and Manuel like they were her new best friends. 
Mark I could go on forever about everything you have going on.  I just wanted to say thank you for having everything so dialed in and making peoples experiences more than they could ask for. Also thanks to Jennifer for recommending the drive to Punta Pescadero. We loved the reef and snorkeling and collecting shells. The coastal drive was a great way to spend our last day in baja. 
We all look forward to seeing you again next year for the shootout and stay. I think the smiles in the pics attached says it all. 
Take care,
Matt Perez

Mark Rayor

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