East Cape - Planning ahead

Our conditions have been gnarly all week with strong north winds and a very grumpy Sea of Cortez   The few anglers who did brave it were rewarded for their efforts.  Striped marlin have been close to shore off La Ribera and a volume of dorado have been right out front just a few hundred yards off Palmas de Cortez's moorings.

It looks like many anglers are of the same belief as me that 2019 is going to be a good one.  Our requests for reservations are coming ahead of any past year and the smart angler is planning ahead.  Last week we had some of our faithful regulars want to stay at Palmas and found that Palmas and Playa de Sol are both already plugged for dates at the end of October. They were not able to get room.  This is not the year to be cyber fishing and waiting for the reports to be good.  It was good all of last year and all indications are that this is going to be a repeat performance. 

Addressing the rumor mill.  It has been gratifying to watch my work grow since arriving in Buena Vista 28 years ago.  Jen Wren Sportfishing has become a recognized brand with a reputation of top notch service and equipment.  Without argument we have set the bar in this region with the latest innovative equipment and still continue to improve.

I love what I do but will be 70 this year.  It was surprising to find out I will have to take mandatory distribution from my retirement account.  Retirement yikes! Never thought about it before but it is time to start planning ahead.  I'm in excellent health but 70 is still 70. I am at a crossroad and have to accept that I can't keep up my current pace of managing and maintaining three deluxe twin engine cruisers forever.

I am very fortunate to have excellent employees and in the last year have delegated many of my responsibilities to them.  They have risen to the occasion but still it all ends up on my shoulders.  It is becoming harder for me to manage and maintain the standard we have set.  My first consideration was to downsize.  The difficulty is that would be the start of dismantling what we worked so hard to build.

So... to address the rumor mill, we are not pulling up stakes and moving.  The East Cape is our home.  Jen and I obtained our Mexican citizenship more than 10 years ago and have lived here more than one third of our lives.  We built our dream home and are "living the dream".  We love where we live and what we do.  Jennifer is my first passion and sport fishing is my second.  I'm ready to pass the baton and make the business available if the right person came along. Until that right person comes along it will still be this old guy answering the phone, scrubbing the bottoms and shoving off every morning at 6am.  Just planning ahead.

Striped marlin on the fly

Always exciting

First marlin smiles

Dorado pleasing anglers 

R2-D2? No, it is the Seakeeper in Vaquera.  The only East Cape cruiser with gyro stabilization

Humpback whales starting to show
Mark Rayor

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