East Cape - Polish the polish

Last week I went to Long Beach to see new tackle and visit old friends at the Fred Hall show.  It was fun catching up with friends I don't often get so see but I'm glad to be home.  The most shocking thing at the show was ordering a double Goose Bloody Mary and finding out it cost $33. Hard to get a buzz at those prices. Listening to Captain Dave Hansen rant about killing fish and giving free hats, shirts and fishing trips to kids in the crowd was one of the highlights and made it worthwhile.

When I left we had the fireplace stoked up and air temp was in the low 60's.  Upon my return 5 days later the weather has completely flipped and now we are enjoying mid-high 70's.  Spring is in the air and this is a sure sign that the north wind condition is almost over and calm seas are on the horizon.

The last couple of months it has been hard to write fishing reports when I'm not out there with a rod in my hand. Listening to the jungle drums it sounds like dorado are plentiful and close to home, there is a good striped marlin bite on the La Ribera hump, yellowfin tuna have been found under common dolphin and also on high spots to the south.  Other exciting news is there is an abundance of sardine at Los Frailes.

 In the fall I made our maintenance list and have checked everything twice.  We serviced heat exchangers, turbo chargers, after coolers, raw water pumps and a lot more.  We pulled one of the motors out of Jen Wren to replace a leaking oil pan and also pulled the generator from Jen Wren III to replace motor mounts.  Jen Wren also got a complete interior restoration.  All the boats have been waxed and buffed.  Now the boats are bright and shiny and we don't have much to do but polish the polish.  Well, that is going to end this week because we are launching boats for 2018 and going fishing.  Next week I'll post some action photos and can't wait to be doing what I love to do rather than talking about it.

Vaquera is the only boat not ready because of a last minute decision to install a  new Seakeeper stabilization system.  So far everything is on time and she should be ready to rock and roll before the end of the month.  Guess I better stop using that term referring to Vaquera because the rock and roll will be over once the installation of the new gyro is complete.

Common dolphin have been holding tuna

Lots of humpback whales in the sea right now

Yellowfin, look out buddy we are coming after you

Striped marlin, look out buddy we are coming after you

Wahoo, look out buddy we are coming after you

Roosterfish, look out buddy we are coming after you

Dorado, look out buddy we are coming after you

Shish! Can't keep Mortie out of my drawers
Mark Rayor

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