East Cape - Quality for quantity

Sea of Cortez has been calm all week with excellent fishing conditions. Our forecast shows no end in sight with no storms on the horizon.  It is a bit warm and very humid on the beach.  To give you an idea the water in our swimming pool hit 90 degrees this week.

In my mind I thought it was a tough bite this week but was surprised reviewing the photos we captured.  What has happened is better quality fish have shown and we have traded quantity for quality.  With that, we are not having as many events but when we hang one it is a dandy. Tuna have been line shy so the fish have been somewhat over matched creating long battles on light tackle.   Blue marlin have also arrived in bigger volume and are aggressive.

East Cape is experiencing the best cubera snapper bite I have ever seen and we have been returning everyday with trophy sized fish.  It is interesting that we are catching these monsters in 35 to 40 feet of water either slow trolling or drifting live bait.  Yellowfin have been hanging in the same zone and sometimes it takes a moment to figure out which we have hooked up.  I have observed that the snapper tend to be on small rock piles while the tuna are on ledges where the bottom drops off.

Might need a bigger cleaning table

Dorado Shootout coming up

Marlin in the mix

Yellowfin have been finicky 

Quality over quantity, takes two hands to hold these fish up

Robinson family plugged their cooler the first day out

Jerry and Bill had all the action they wanted

"Lefty" Carl Rizzo with a mess of fish

A lot of tunafish there

Dog tooth snapper on the attack
Mark Rayor

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