East Cape - So where are the fishermen?

East Cape weather couldn't be nicer.  The Sea of Cortez has been flat as a pancake for weeks.  The water temp is 85 degrees and Tidy Bowl blue.  Bait is plentiful and so are game fish.  Tuna fishing has gone from good to excellent to insane.  Marlin, dorado, wahoo and roosterfish are also making a good showing and bending rods.

With all the action why is there very little traffic?  Resorts are mostly empty and most of the fleet is sitting on anchor.  So where are the fishermen?  Wish I could answer that.  I do know there is no better time than right now.  Often, anglers ask me when is the best time to come to the East Cape?  I'm telling you, it doesn't get any better than right now.

Been like ground hog day after day

Pat McDonald scored with his fishing buds Bill and Dragon.  Ten different species in one day isn't something done everyday unless the bite is on

Got tired of watching others catch 'em up and let one beat me up.

Larger models have arrived

Annie's boys had their hands full

There's a box full

Some day the wind will come up again.  When it does this is what it will feel like on Vaquera with the Seakeeper doing it's thing
Mark Rayor

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