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The Sea of Cortez has been like a pond for an extended period of time now.  Early in the week the weather prediction was for strong winds this weekend.  My feeling was the forecast would change because it was just too nice and it was hard to believe wind was coming.  Well, yesterday afternoon as predicted north wind came with such force fishing boats headed for cover.  Looks like it is going to be another gnarly one today but supposed to calm tomorrow.

The spectacular tuna and marlin bite has stalled.  Early in the week a cold current with green water invaded Los Frailes and high spots further south to shut down the tuna bite.  Off shore the water is still blue and clear.  Porpoise schools have not been hard to find but the yellowfin have descended to 100 to 120 feet.  We can see them in our fish finder but they don't want to come up to feed.  Previous weeks we could see them in 30 to 60 feet and when trolling over them it was game on.

Striped marlin seem to be scattered everywhere.  I believe they are plugged with squid and that is why they are not interested in the fin bait or lures we are using.  Talking to my friend Arturo baited ten fish the other day but could only get one to go.  It is no surpise and always the case when the marlin are fine dining on calamari, they don't want any part of our offerings.  It is like having a choice between steak and lobster or a Spam sandwich.

Dorado seem to be the only fish around showing aggression.  The difficult thing is they haven't schooled up and are not that plentiful.  The fish we are finding have been good quality and bending the rod.

My personal feeling is the outlook is better than just good.  The conditions we are experiencing are not unusual.  It happens every year and will turn around.  The fish are here and so is a huge volume of bait.  The stage is set for the bite to pop again.

Ride "em" cowboy

Both of Scott Robinson's sons released their first marlin last week
Mark Rayor

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