East Cape - Splitting the difference

Angling traffic has been very light but the few fishermen getting out have found action. Sierra mackerel, dorado and even a few striped marlin have been in the mix close to home.  There has also been a good huachinango bite and scratch showing of yellowtail and amberjack on the high spots off La Ribera.  The showing of yellows and amberjack this early is an excellent indicator of a great Spring and I feel a whoop coming on. Also humpback whales are making more of a showing and can be seen from the beach breaching.

Sea of Cortez water has been blue and very clear with temperatures now in the middle to low 70's.  When we don't have a whole lot of excitement to talk about the topic often goes to the Dodgers or our weather.  Right now East Cape weather is worthy of conversation.  

We are going into our second week of January and I have to call this season unusually mild.  Typically, fishermen are pinned down to the beach and can't get out many days of the week because of strong north wind and pounding surf.  We have not experienced much of that and anglers have been able to get off the beach most mornings.  Where does that leave our town full of sailors who have come to kite board, hydro-foil or wind surf?  Mother Nature has been splitting the difference with calm beautiful mornings and windy afternoons.

I look in the mirror everyday and wonder how I was so lucky to land in one of the best places to live on our planet.  Posted are some fun photos from our 2017 season.

There she blows! Spring humpback whale.

Beach fishing

Incredible roosterfish action

Staple of the East Cape, striped marlin

Big fish small reels, Accurate has defined the meaning

Double fun on Halco lures, what a wahoo year we had.

That is what a real Mexican campechana looks like

The master Captain Ron came to help with restoration.  We had a blast!

The end of this week's tale.
Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841


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