East Cape - Stormin Norma 

All is quiet on the East Cape right now and there is not a fishing boat in the water.

For more than a week weather forecasters predicted we had a big storm coming.  Sure as could be a low formed below the Revillagigedo Islands.  We watched it grow from a depression to a tropical storm and finally a hurricane.  This ominous looking storm huffed and puffed but sat stationary for two days.  The prediction was that Norma would center punch Cabo San Lucas.  She was like a junk yard dog baring her teeth but not coming any closer.  

In anticipation the Mexican government put Los Cabos under hurricane warnings.  Cabo San Lucas closed the port and every boat in Los Barriles and Buena Vista was pulled from the water.  After standing off and terrorizing us for a time that seemed like forever Norma finally started falling apart. The fur went down on her back, she was down graded from a hurricane and is now slowly exiting to the West.

For a couple days it was like when I fished in Alaska and spent a lot of time looking over my shoulder for that bear.

In the end we have had no wind, not a drop of rain and no surf.  Today boats will start going back in the water and we will pick up where we left off with excellent fishing.

Speaking of fishing, tuna, dorado and billfish have been providing constant action.  Sardines have appeared on the shores of La Ribera and become available for bait.  They have been key and the bait of choice for tuna and dorado.  High spots to the south of Frailes and Pescadero have been the hot spots but the tuna have been line shy. 30 pound fluorocarbon and small hooks have been the combination for success.

Blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish have been very scattered with not much of a concentration.  Anglers putting in the time are picking away at them.   One day we looked off shore as far as 30 miles for porpoise schools but couldn't find them.  We were rewarded with a blue marlin and also a striper.  On another day we spent an afternoon targeting roosterfish but couldn't locate them.

A bigger volume of dorado than we have seen in a few years

Good to see the sardines

Double hookup!!

Mixed bag

Limits all around

What's a guy to do after a limit of tuna?  Head for the rocks

Donna is having a good day

Blue marlin putting on a show
Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 58418 5841

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