East Cape - Tag you're it! 

East Cape has enjoyed extremely good weather for this time of year.  Until now there has been fewer than normal windy days and conditions have been excellent.  The water has stayed warm, clear and full of life.  Bait has been plentiful and game fish have provided lots of action.  

Today is the first that I can really feel the effects of winter starting to dominate.  Strong north wind whooped up about 10am and forced me to close my office window to keep the disarray of unorganized papers from blowing off my desk.  Also, this morning I noticed the coconut oil we use to cook breakfast was no longer a clear liquid and had congealed.  Weather man says it's going to blow for a few days.  Yep, after the best season we have had in years, winter is closing in and going to stop the party.  The lights have flashed three times, the fat lady is clearing her voice and mother nature is getting ready to slam the door.

Last year Gray's Taxidermy persuaded me to get involved with the tag and release program.  At first I was skeptical and didn't really understand the whole picture.  After having the entire Jen Wren crew go through an orientation in Gray's office my enthusiasm along with the crews grew.

The whole tag thing has turned out to be so much fun.  Anglers get to name their fish and have come up with some hilarious ones.  There is a striped marlin swimming around out there named Donny Osmond.   The angler receives a certificate of release from Gray's and all the data, time, date, size and GPS coordinates are recorded.  The location of release is also plotted on a Navionics navigation chart which anybody can access on line.  Accurate Jack Nilsen named one after his granddaughter.  Now he can go home and show her on the map where a fish named after her has been released.

The bonus is all the scientific data that is being recorded.  It is amazing how many tags are recovered.   So much time, effort and money is spent exploring outer space and we know so little about the behavior of gamefish in our oceans.  Gray's is doing their part to change that.  We have the tags and are having a great time doing our part to help them.

Meet Migulito

Jackurat tagging his fish

2017 will go down as the year of the monster roosterfish

Girls having fun

A pompano, three tuna, one pargo and partridge in a pear tree

Rainbow runners on the bite

Stan Lowery named his fish Hoto.  Don't think you will find that word in the Mexican dictionary.
Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841

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