East Cape - The bite is on 

Just when I thought fishing couldn't get any better a couple of big tuna sainers came in and scooped up more than 200 ton.  It put a crimp in fishing the porpoise schools offshore so we had to shift gears.  Chunking squid on high spots has been very productive and filled the tuna gap.  A bonus was also catching amberjack and dorado on the same spots.

It is great to see the dorado showing after being absent for a couple years.  The season started with fish too small to keep but now respectable 20 to 40 pounds are being landed and the numbers of fish are increasing.

The last couple days the offshore tuna have bounced back and once again most of the fleet fishing the porpoise are returning with limits.  Monster roosterfish have also shown in volume and are tearing up light tackle.

Margaritas are tasty, Coronas cold and the bite is on.  It doesn't get any better than this!

Western Outdoor News editor Pat McDonald got in on the action with limits of yellowfin

 Chunking squid has been very productive

 Jerry Rootlieb found the dorado and limits of tuna

 Most of the tuna on the outside have been footballs but some larger models are mixed in

 Fish caught chunking have been better quality
 Roosterfish have been on the bite
Yesterday the roosters mostly beat us up.  We could only go 3 for 11 on these 50 to 70 pound fish.

Good to see the dodos back.
Mark Rayor

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