East Cape - The curve ball

We have been experiencing week after week of gorgeous weather and excellent fishing conditions.  That was until this morning.  Living in a tropical environment one must always be on their toes at all times because things can change unexpectedly.  Todays forecast was for another beautiful day with no harsh weather on the horizon.
Out of nowhere Mother Nature tossed us the curve ball.  At 6:30 on the dot the wind started to howl and we experienced a downpour of rain.  The surf started to pound and the whole East Cape fleet was scrambling.  Boats that had already departed quickly returned to get anglers back on the beach.  Now, in the afternoon the wind has subsided and clouds are scattered but there is still a pretty good swell from the disturbance.
My forecast is for back to the calm and more of this for tomorrow morning
The question I get asked everyday is "how's fishing"?  Anglers arriving soon and ones not arriving for months all ask the same question, how's fishing?  When I'm out to dinner, at the market, walking on the beach or buying fuel, "how's fishing"? The question never asked is how's the boat running?  The reality is keeping the boats serviced and running is our biggest challenge.  Living and operating in one of the most fertile fishing grounds on the planet makes the catching part not that difficult.  State of the art Simrad electronics along with Accurate reels and Calstar rods assist making that part of our job even easier.  It is the unexpected mechanical failure that keeps us working into the night because it must be repaired today so that the boat can operate again tomorrow is the real curve ball.
Yesterday Stephen Johnson performed the hat trick

60lb yellowfin

Bubba sized rooster all landed on a Accurate Valiant 300

Ryan Kelly got in on the action landing this 63lb YFT on Accurates BV 300

Came across this photo the other day and couldn't resist posting it.  Team Tequila Teasers fooling around at the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot during the "show us your Costas contest.  Our balloons spelled Costas but when we thought nobody was looking...drop the c the o and the t, move the s and viola show us your ...
Mark Rayor

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