East Cape - The fish didn't mind

It is not often we take limits of yellowfin on four trips in a row. The season is barely getting started and fishing is about as good as it gets.  We are experiencing a March tuna bite like I have never seen before.  Last week Sea of Cortez water was 72-73 degrees, blue and clear.  The tuna bit well until the north wind puffed up and kept us pinned down on the porch for several days.  

Getting back out there we found the water had cooled and become off color.  The fish didn't mind the change in conditions and the chaos continued right where it had left off.  It has been limits, limits and more limits.

Most of the fish we have been catching have been plugged with market squid.  I'm metering bait everywhere and believe that has been key.  The game fish don't read the books that say they should be in clean warm water and are on the bait even when the water is cold and ugly. The dorado have not schooled up yet but we have managed several nice solo fish.  There have been a large volume of marlin between La Ribera and Pescadero and we saw our first sailfish of the season.

On another note, we have been sighting an extraordinary amount of sea turtles and several pacific manta rays but humpback whales have been noticeably absent which is unusual for this time.

Now, the weatherman says it is going to blow for a week and put a crimp in our action.  It will be back to the porch watching and waiting for another break.

Seakeeper for Vaquera has made it to San Diego and should be here this coming week.  If you are not familiar check out this 18 second demo: Seakeeper demo

March tuna madness

Beautiful day in the neighborhood 

Sherry enjoying the beautiful weather with a bent rod

That makes a limit

Halco Laser Pros doing the job

Limit for Pam

Freddy Lamay and Jon Marks made a quick trip down when they heard about the bite and were rewarded.

Water turned off color but the fish didn't care

Nice kicker to a limit of tuna

Jen Wren in the action
Mark Rayor

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