East Cape - The fish gods

Last week we had a couple days of north wind making it a little uncomfortable.  This week the Sea of Cortez has been a little nervous.  Conditions have been fishable but these old bones are very pleased that the boat I am skippering has a Seakeeper.  The forecast for next week is for the sea to be downright grumpy.

We just finished fishing the Buds and Suds Invitational Tournament. The excitement and adrenaline rush of the shotgun start and the tournament itself is a lot of fun.  Winning is even more fun.  The first day of this event I found myself in the same location with our other 2 boats on a school of porpoise.  Captain Polo on Jen Wren III was the first one bit.  Shortly after Captain Luis on Jen Wren hung a fish.  We moved ahead of the porpoise and pitched out our calamari.  No bites so we moved up to do it again with the same results.  Polo wasn't having any more luck either.  Luis's anglers landed their fish and moved up in front of the porpoise and pitched out again.  It was instant for them and now they had a double going.  We tried and tried but couldn't get 'em to go.  Luis tossed 2 more in the box and moved up on them again.  It was like his bait had magic dust on it.  Bang!, and he had a triple going.  The fish gods never smiled on us while Polo had little luck and Luis bagged 14 tuna and 2 sailfish.

The following day The fish gods still had their backs turned on us.  Luis searched all morning for the porpoise but couldn't find them.  Giving up and turning his boat toward shore the porpoise popped up in front of him.  They continued right where they had left off the day before and returned to the dock with another box full of tuna.  End of both days the anglers were too wiped out to hold up the fish so I have no photos.  The result for the team was $22,500 prize money.

Welcome aboard!

Felicidades to Luis "Caballo Loco" Sylva and Manuel "Chango" Cossio Montes.  Big money winners in the Buds & Suds Invitational.

Not sticking my fingers near those choppers

Manuel showing us what he thinks

First sail for Steve Done on his birthday

Armando getting it done.
Mark Rayor

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