East Cape - The old norm 

The East Cape fishery has gone from zero to full throttle in a period of 10 days.  It has been a tough, tough spring for anglers but now the tide has turned and the place is hitting on all cylinders.   Tuna, striped marlin, wahoo and roosterfish have all shown up in volume with an appetite.

Our area has always had such a prolific fishery anglers have come to expect great things every day.  The last 3 years fishing was pretty good by some other fishing destination standards but many had expectations so high they were disappointed.  Now we are experiencing glimmers of the old norm before being plagued with El Nino conditions.

Yellowfin have arrived

The "bight" is so good Steve Petit took a limit fly casting

Scott Hulet from the Bight Journal took his bucket list wahoo

The Bight Journal crew down on a field research trip released five roosterfish one afternoon after taking 20 yellowfin tuna in the morning

Stripers are taking the bait

Five striped marlin and a tuna for Gary and Melissa Bielat to win the Borggreve charity tournament based at Rancho Leonero.

Pilotfish (camisas) piling up on the shark buoys have been easy to catch for bait.

Nice hoo for Mike Lapp.  Look for his photo in Western Outdoor News

As fresh as it gets, sashimi Jen Wren style vanishing as fast as we can cut it.

Beautiful sunrises.  Yes, East Cape is back to the old norm
Mark Rayor
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